Microsoft’s new open model for Windows and HoloLens 2 impresses Epic’s Tim Sweeney

Microsoft unveiled its latest HoloLens 2 headset at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday. While there are all the technological improvements you can expect from a headset, Microsoft has been amazed by the firm commitment to openness in what is called the "third computing era."

  1. "We believe in the Open App Store model, and developers are free to create their own stores."
  2. "The open Web search model I believe. "
  3. " I believe in open API surface and driver models. "

These important promises have brought Microsoft back to the open platform for Windows. "As a mixed reality leader, we want to do it differently," explains Kipman. "We hope that the third era of computing, the era of mixed reality, is more forward-looking and more culturally relevant. As a member of a mixed reality community, we hope the future will be open."

Strict control over Microsoft's Universal Windows app. Microsoft's previous walled-down approach to the garden sparked tremendous criticism from Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games. Sweeney is not happy with the fact that Microsoft is building a closed platform on Windows 10, and developers have tried to distribute these applications through the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has created an S-mode version of Windows and a Windows RT operating system that is locked by default to store applications.

Sweeney took the stage at an amazing moment promising Epic Games support for Microsoft's new product at Microsoft's HoloLens 2 event. headphone. Later he interviewed The Verge .

"It seems that Satya Nadella, Alex Kipman, Phil Spencer and many others have come to Microsoft's new era," explains Sweeney.

microsofts new open model for windows and hololens 2 impresses epics tim sweeney

Microsoft's HoloLens 2 headset
Vjeran Pavic / [19659012] "Microsoft welcomes you to have a store on Windows. What always resisted was to shut down Windows to a competitive store. There are various limited versions of Windows such as Windows RT. It's a great step for Microsoft because it's no longer on the market. We have come back from the fact that Windows is a totally open platform for everyone and we can trust and invest in this platform. "

Microsoft has announced the opening principle at the HoloLens event, but it's a major change for the Windows operating system, headset, Microsoft's acceptance of rival app stores and maintaining APIs and driver models for future devices such as HoloLens." Everyone in the industry can invest in HoloLens. The platform maker will not come within a few years and will not change the rules and seize the investment.

Microsoft is taking the HoloLens platform to the third era of computing, and Sweeney agrees that Augmented Reality is the next shift. It will be a much more powerful platform, "explains Sweeney." It will take years to transition from the current version to all the alternatives, but I think both local and wired are universal interfaces to all computing. "

Sweeney's commitment to Microsoft has made it much harder for companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google to develop a closed augmented reality platform, "The industry impact of this open platform release should not be underestimated," Sweeney said. "We now have a platform where one of the best technology companies in history will be the future platform. It announced that it would come. In other words, everyone is aware that they can invest in HoloLens and get all the performance of the investment. Everyone will be more difficult to consider starting a closed AR platform and will experience many retreats from all ecosystem participants who are reluctant to lose the freedom of the associated ecosystem. "

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