Microsoft’s new London store is big, bold, and British

Microsoft has more than 80 retail stores around the world, but none of them like the company's new London flagship store. Satya Nadella, CEO, recreated Microsoft is still the best case. Located on three floors, Microsoft has everything it has to offer. This includes all floor surface units, the HoloLens headset, the large Xbox game lounge, and the actual McLaren Senna sports car connected to Forza .

You have visited this new computer store before. See how Microsoft changed the scene during the day. It is located in the heart of Oxford Circus, the world-famous intersection of Regent Street and Oxford Street, Europe's busiest shopping street. I expected a regular Microsoft store like many of the stores I visited in the US, but Microsoft's chosen buildings are protected as English Heritage, so there is a unique historical sarcasm.

microsofts new london store is big bold and british

Microsoft's video wall is full floors.

The twist includes lead windows and ceilings of the 1920s, hiding behind former residents of United Colors in Benetton. "As soon as we learned about the history of the building, there was no doubt that we wanted to protect and restore it," Simon Francis, director of real estate at Microsoft, said in an interview on the cliff . Microsoft restored beautiful windows and ceilings and manipulated parts of the storefront to match what was originally seen at the time of its premiere in 1927. The pillars are also machined inside the building to create a unique environment of modern technology. We started surprise attack during World War II.

Microsoft has invested more than two years in developing the Oxford Circus store, and the first floor is a welcome addition to Microsoft's world. The gigantic 4K video wall that you can see everywhere is just like the one found at other Microsoft stores. 28 inch Studio, Surface Pro 6, etc. Minecraft, Surface and other products can be tried nearby. There is a collection desk for Augmented Reality experience and online ordering at Oxford Circus.

If you are away from the corner, you can find McLaren Senna. Both the steering wheel and the foot pedal are connected to Forza Motorsport 7 allowing visitors to jump and play the Silverstone track to match the British Grand Prix this weekend. This McLaren is specially modified to move and vibrate, and the Xbox button is integrated into the gas tank. I tried it. And it was a wild ride until I spun the track and crumbled. It is certainly challenging.

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On the second floor, things are more interesting. There is usually an area to showcase the Answer Desk (Microsoft's Apple Genius Bar version) and Xbox hardware, Asus, HP and Razer laptops and surface accessories. Huawei's laptop can not be found here. Microsoft is required to comply with current US ban. Chris Capossela, marketing director at Microsoft, explains in The Verge "We want to be very adaptable and smooth." "We certainly want to make sure that we comply with all government regulations and rules."

Interestingly, there is a surface design lap. Here the customer selects several UK designs and covers the Surface Type. Microsoft has been experimenting with several types of Surface Type Cover designs and thinks it can be extended to everyone, like the company's colorful Xbox One design lab controller.

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The new Surface Design Lab has customized Type Covers

1562772959 653 microsofts new london store is big bold and british

All covers have a London theme.

This floor contains a symbolic red London Post Box and incorporates Surface Pro. There is even a small workspace area, which will allow local school students and teachers to speed up using Minecraft: Education Edition . Microsoft has put Surface Hub 2 devices on this floor wall to give everyone a futuristic collaboration PC.

The real star on the second floor is Microsoft's game area. It is packed with 15 Xbox One stations with an Xbox themed gaming chair, the latest turtle beach headset, and Acer's irrational Predator Thronos gaming chairs. If you want to sit in a swinging chair that is always tilted back when you play with three 27-inch monitors, it's your chance now. Microsoft also has an area for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, so gamers with disabilities can play freely in the store. If you think that all school friends in London can play Fortnite with the best kit, you will undoubtedly be a popular part of this store.

Everything you need for Fortnite in the Xbox Game Zone [19659015] Microsoft's third and final store is where things are starting to change. Instead of the usual retail space, it has transformed into an enterprise floor with conference rooms and event spaces. Microsoft is using this floor to meet business customers to demonstrate new services and hardware such as HoloLens 2 or Surface Hub 2. There are fewer sales spaces and more sales for large companies operating throughout London and Europe.

This area has a similar feel to the remodeled part of Microsoft's corporate campus and we plan to use it as an event space somewhere else. Starting this weekend with the Xbox Showcase, the public can try out the latest Gears games or upcoming xCloud game streaming services. As time goes on, Microsoft expects more events and even product announcements here.

On the second and third floors, Microsoft focuses on this new store. There is a retail space in its center, but it is also a way for the company to actually see the latest hardware and software.

Microsoft restored windows and ceilings in 1927.

"We are trying to have a store in London for a long time," explains Capossela. "The diversity of people passing through this city is crazy, it's just a great location, and London is just one of the obvious cities where we visit the flagship store."

Microsoft's London store is located in Regents Street, Apple I opened a few doors at the retail store. Microsoft has a habit of opening the store close to the Apple store, but Caposelle is aiming at premium areas where Microsoft and Apple are always wondering.

"It's not a grand design, it happens because we're all in the premium area," explains Capossela. "We will often end up with the Microsoft Store near the Apple Store, and we even get a Mac, buy a copy of Windows from the Apple Store quite regularly, then walk in the four doors, Will you install Windows? "

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Capossela says that Microsoft wants to make this new store a place to serve all of its customers. "If everything we're doing is selling surfaces and Xboxes, we will not actually realize our vision," he says. "It's really a brand experience. It's how millions of people can touch and touch the brand."

More than 4 million people visit Oxford Street every week, so Microsoft's new London store will be busy. This is not just a temporary project. Microsoft has made considerable efforts to innovate the space. "We think it's actually the best thing in the class for us," Capossela says. "I think it is an ideal model."

That does not mean that there are many new stores across the UK and Europe. Microsoft is not talking about additional store plans, but it's clear that every major store in the future will be based on a mix of surfaces, games, and enterprise that Microsoft is focusing on in London. Under one roof is everything Microsoft is concerned about right now.

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