Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser is now officially available to test

Microsoft is currently enabling developers to use the Chromium-powered Edge browser. The software giants are announcing the Canary and Developer builds and will update their changes to Edge every day or week. Both downloads are available from Microsoft's new Edge internal site and are designed to give developers early insight into how the Edge is changing.

Microsoft focuses on the basics of this early version of navigation, reliability, and extensibility support. Edge is based on Chromium and is awaiting feedback on the basics. This new Edge browser runs amazingly well with full support for existing Chrome extensions. Microsoft builds synchronization support, including favorites, browsing history, and extensions, to synchronize through the Edge. Bookmarks are only supported in early versions today, but beta support will gradually improve sync support before this new version of Edge is more widely used.


Both Microsoft and Google engineers have been working together to improve the underlying Chromium project. Chrome and Edge run better on Windows. Microsoft has paved the way to improving Edge and Chromium on Windows 10 by allowing about 150 commits to Chromium. This includes improved accessibility, smooth scrolling support, Windows Hello integration, and a reliable display on the touch keyboard.

Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's corporate vice president, said, "We are working directly with the Google team and the Chromium community on this team and appreciate their collaboration and forums." This contribution is currently underway and is not yet fully "

If you have already downloaded and installed the leaked version of the Edge that appeared online, you might not have noticed a few differences a few weeks ago. Even though browsers may perform better during day-to-day use, Microsoft is working on adding Fluent Design to this version of Edge, and some of the existing features such as tabs and inking may appear in the future.

The current Canary and Development builds are available for English 64 Bit Windows 10 and Microsoft We plan to support Windows 8, Windows 7, and macOS in the future, and these early builds are actually designed for developers, but they will not be tried until the beta build is released in the coming months. Try it out with a browser.

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