Microsoft working on providing more personal control of user data with "Data Dignity" team

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As a growing list of companies is looking for new and transparent ways to be aware administrators of users' personal data, it is rumored that Microsoft is working to create a mechanism for users where they can also buy and sell Your data to third parties.

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reports that "Microsoft is hiring a new team of & # 39; Dignity of data & # 39; in the Office of the Director of Technology. The team is investigating ways to give users greater control over your personal data. "

Perhaps in light of recent personal data breaches that include contractors who listen to Skype and Xbox user communications, Microsoft Data Dignity efforts could at least give their users a context on how your data is collected and who is dealing with it.

Along with Foley's research, he discovered a new site called The Art Of Research where the details of a collective in charge of finding new ways to secure data for Microsoft's new Data Dignity efforts, as well as the team supporting it, the New York Times published a piece of profile on the concepts of Microsoft's CTO, Jaron Lanier, of Data Dignity. of user data and how it feeds the Internet, the slow and unintentional transactional process of third-party data traffic, as well as a future in which users receive a direct personal payment for their data.

In not-so-public news, Microsoft has been quietly testing ways to give users ways to "visualize, manage, control, share and monetize data" through a Microsoft research incubation called the Bali Project. Earlier this year, we reported on the Bali Project, but it was just a code name before the project was finally archived in regards to most people.

However, there seems to be some connective tissue between that Bali Project code. name and what Lanier is defending today.

While there are no public roadmaps or schedules, Microsoft's hiring route leads to the Office of the Director of Technology (OCTO), where Apple's former vice president of artificial intelligence and Siri's team now report, noting The intention of the company to realize the Dignity of data in the near future.

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