Microsoft unveils new tablet experience for Windows 10

Microsoft plans to redesign the tablet environment for Windows 10. Software giants have begun testing new designs for 2-in-1 convertible PCs that keep their existing desktop designs more similar to their user interfaces. Currently in Windows 10, when the device automatically goes into "tablet mode", it goes to the Tablet Optimization UI, which removes the taskbar icon and switches the Start menu to full screen. Microsoft is now walking through some of the changes while keeping some of the changes. Element optimized for touch for 2-in-1 PCs.

In the new tablet experience, the taskbar icon is visible and the gap between them keeps the desktop full screen. When activated, the search bar collapses to icons and the on-screen keyboard appears when you tap a text field. File Explorer also switches to a layout optimized for touch.

microsoft unveils new tablet experience for windows 10

You should make this design change completely to see how many other changes you have. Microsoft is testing this as a Windows Insider and has flagged the design as beta, suggesting that it will change and change shape by feedback. Nevertheless, it doesn't seem to go back to Microsoft in a dedicated tablet experience on Windows 10. When you remove the keyboard from a device like Surface Pro, these new changes are triggered automatically, and Microsoft has identified a dedicated "tablet mode. Microsoft has already removed a large amount of Windows 8 tablet features that work well on hybrid devices, This adjustment reverted to a minimal Windows 7 touch improvement .. These changes are only performed on 2-in-1 devices, so a dedicated Windows 10 tablet will continue to maintain the full tablet experience that exists in the operating system. Either way, we're looking for feedback and Windows tablet fans are ready to test and test these changes immediately.

With the tablet experience changes, Microsoft tests cloud download options to reset and restore Windows 10 PCs. Work and what existed on macOS during Similar to Surface devices, Windows users can install the OS to local disk or quickly reinstall the OS without a recovery USB drive

Update, August 29th 5:45 PM ET : Microsoft is in tablet mode , But these changes are designed to be automatically activated when the keyboard is removed from a device like Surface Pro.

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