Microsoft Teams reaches 13 million daily active users, introduces 4 new ways for teams to work better together

Two years ago, this week we launched Microsoft 365, a set of integrated apps and services that help customers change workplace collaborations, streamline business processes, and protect critical information. At the heart of Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Teams, a hub for teamwork that integrates chats, video conferencing, calls, and files into one integrated application. Currently, more than 13 million people are using the team every day and over 19 million people use it every week. For customers worldwide, including Emirates, FedEx, Lexmark, Adecco Group, KONE and McCann Worldgroup, the team provides support in 181 markets and 53 languages.

  Infosographic mitigates DAUs that match the 13 million published months. Linear linear growth was assumed between public dates.

As part of our team expansion for all employees across all industries, today we announced four new areas of functionality that enable our customers to communicate and collaborate more easily with their teams.

1. Setting Time-Sensitive Communications Priorities

Two important new messages are delivered by the team.

  • Priority Notice Notified the time-sensitive message to the recipient and received a response from the mobile and desktop every 2 minutes to the recipient.
  • Read in Chat displays an icon indicating when the message you sent was read by the recipient.

Priority notifications and read receipts will begin this month.

2. You can easily manage your internal and external communication.

  • Bulletin Team members can highlight important news from your channel and is a great way to start a new project, welcome new colleagues, or share the results of recent marketing campaigns.

 An animated screenshot of the Microsoft team announcement.

  • Channel Crossing Post allows you to post a single message to multiple channels at the same time.

 An animated image team of cross-channel posting at Microsoft. Channels Arbitration Moderators can manage content for moderators to post through channels. Whether your channel and posts accept replies.

Notice has been released. Channel ratings and cross-channel posting are coming soon.

3. First-line workers will be able to manage their schedules and receive updates more easily.

  • With the new Time Clock feature of the Team Move module, you can change your work time and relax right away on your team. Administrators can use the pointing function to specify a location so that when the clock is in / out, the team member is at the specified job site.

 An animated screenshot of a time clock from a team mobile experience. The user has confirmed their working hours.

  • Targeted communication allows team owners to send messages to everyone in a particular role at the same time, leaving the role name @ in the post. For example, you can send a message to all the cashiers in a store or to all nurses in a hospital.

 An animated screenshot of the communication targeted by the Microsoft team. You have chosen to target four members of your team with a Cashiers tag before you send a message.

Time clock will be released. Targeted communications will begin in August 2019.

4. IT Managers: Easily deploy team clients and manage everyone's policies.

  • Team clients are now available for existing Office 365 ProPlus installations on the monthly channel.
  • Policy packages in the Team Management Center IT administrators can apply predefined policy sets across team features, such as messaging and conferencing, to employees based on role requirements.

The policy package for the Team Management Center is coming soon.

Powerful Partner Ecosystem with Building Team

Partners play an important role in helping customers use teams to streamline business processes, and today we announce four new partner initiatives.

  1. Contact Center Solutions – Contact centers are important and are part of customer service operations in many companies. We work with Five9, Genesys, NICE inContact, and other leading contact center solution providers to support integration between team and contact center solutions.
  2. Call recording for compliance – Because many industries have regulatory policies that require recording, Microsoft is working with compliance recording partners such as ASC, NICE, and Verint, Added functionality.
  3. Workforce Management – Microsoft is working with REPL, a retail IT solutions provider, to integrate teaming with JDA's workforce management solutions, allowing work time information to be viewed with near-real-time accuracy from the Team Migration module. This allows Firstlines Workers to access existing work schedules and request changes through the team app.
  4. Partner Team Team Trial – New partner-led team trials to support partners helping customers realize their team's strengths Microsoft 365 partners migrate to Exchange Online only or to the cloud through new trial You can give your customers a free 6-month trial to provide a full team experience for customers who are not. As of August 1, 2019, the trial will be available to qualified customers through Microsoft cloud service provider partners. For more information, read the Microsoft Partner Guide for partner trials for Microsoft team trials.

How to change a customer's way of working

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Lexmark uses its team to improve project efficiency. From legal departments to supply chain co-creation and co-creation of marketing content, the team is Lexmark Innovation as part of the Microsoft 365

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DXC senior technicians with 130,000 employees in 70 countries cooperate with clients using teams Belgian Federal Police Logos

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Use your team to support operations.

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Godrej Properties, India's largest real estate management company, uses its team to gather employees, suppliers and contractors and keep project stakeholders up-to-date.

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