Microsoft Teams overtakes Slack with 13 million daily users

Microsoft is finally convincing how many people are using the Slack competitor Microsoft team. The software maker says more than 13 million active users every week with more than 13 million people using Microsoft teams every day. This is the first time Microsoft has released an active number of users, and there was a previous update that said that in March there were 500,000 organizations using this service.

This figure is over 10 million people using Slack every day. Slack announced 10 million active users per day earlier this year and used the same numbers in April when submitting financial documents. Verge asked Slack to update for the active user, but the company is still in a quiet time since the IPO (IPO), so there is no new number.

microsoft teams overtakes slack with 13 million daily users

Either way, Microsoft wants everyone to know that it has passed through Slack. It is clear that the team has been successful in two years since its launch, but Microsoft Teams versus Slack is not a clear competition. Microsoft bundles the team with an Office 365 subscription for business, but Slack is a separate paid service. This gives Microsoft certain advantages for certain types of businesses, but Slack is still winning the hearts of small businesses and start-ups who are satisfied with Google's G Suite, rather than relying on Word, Excel and Outlook.

Microsoft actively teams and this active user number is the same as the company heading to Las Vegas next week for the annual partner conference. According to a recent report, Microsoft's sales team is focused on leveraging teams next year, so Microsoft can make those active users even faster if they continue to publish publicly. [19659005] Microsoft Team Priority Notice

With usernames, Microsoft is providing updates for some new team features. Priority notifications will be available by the end of this month and will be pinged to the recipient every two minutes on the phone or desktop until a response is received. Microsoft is aiming at newsrooms and hospitals that require urgent response.

Cross-channel posting will be coming soon, and channel ratings will start this month. Announcement feature that allows team members to highlight news on their channel

Microsoft has gradually adjusted the team over the past two years, and the big change is the free version introduced last year. The team also continues to update regularly with a number of impressive new features in March. Even if Microsoft did not allow Slack to be used internally and even banned the free version, Slack had not sat down yet. Slack connects e-mail to the chat service and adds many useful integrations, including Zoom and Microsoft's Office 365 service.

Microsoft can see Slack as a big competition in the usually dominant realm. Slack worried about Microsoft's team two years ago. Both services are very different, but they serve other customers. There is clear room for both, and a bit of healthy competition will provide better functionality for both apps in the long run.

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