Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review: I wish this looked like a Surface Pro X

A strange thing happened last year. You're in love with Surface Pro. After discussing “wrapability”, lack of USB-C ports, and stable design, I have been using or not using Surface Pro 6 as a regular laptop for almost 12 months. I tried to think about why I chose Surface Pro over a lot of other laptops I tested, and it was based on a unique combination of hardware. It's small and light enough to fit in a variety of suitcases when you travel, and you can switch to another mode to work anywhere on trains, planes, and more. These are all things Surface Pro owners know for years. It took me a little longer to find me.

Last time I selected Surface Pro 7 in this review last week very Last year, Surface Pro 6 was a familiar bet, but this time it's equally familiar to focus on Pro 7. Now you can place four years of Surface Pro devices side by side and they all look the same. This is another minor improvement in the Surface Pro family, and with Qualcomm-based Surface Pro X, next month, the design you really want on this hardware (slim display bezel, rounded corners, and built-in LTE) will be released. [19659003] Thankfully, Microsoft has finally added USB-C this time, and has improved the performance and general ease of use you would expect from the latest processors and hardware. Hopefully Surface Pro 7 will look like Surface Pro X with Intel chip.

The new Surface Pro 7 started at $ 749 this year and last year $ 150 lower than the base model. Microsoft last year removed the Intel Core i3 model and increased its RAM to 8 GB. Unfortunately, this year we're back with a Core i3 base model with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. After testing Core i5 models with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage ($ 1,199), it's hard to recommend a Core i3 model with only 4GB RAM. For most people, a $ 899 Core i5 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage is enough, most of them using cloud storage options. The basic version is only available in silver.

Like Surface Pro, the keyboard is not always bundled, so the default version is only available in silver.

You should also spend at least $ 129.99 on surface typing covers. Without a tablet, this isn't the default way to use Surface Pro 7. Microsoft sells Alcantara fabric covers for $ 159.99 and has some new color options this year. I tested the Poppy Red Type Cover that looks like a mix of red and orange. Combined with the typing cover, the actual entry fee for the Core i3 model is $ 878.99. You can also purchase the optional Surface Pen for $ 99.99. As I said, I tested tall keys up to two coins that are shy at $ 1,360.

Like Surface Pro 6, the hardware is very similar to the outside. The new addition to Surface Pro 7 is USB-C. It's been a long time, but sadly it doesn't include Thunderbolt 3, so it's limited to USB 3.1 speeds (10Gbps). Unfortunately, Microsoft was disappointed that they had not switched to Thunderbolt 3 because it is not yet here to use this as a single machine and connect it to an external GPU and monitor. The USB-C port allows you to connect an external monitor directly or to one of the market-filled USB-C docks for more ports. Naturally, you can also use this feature to charge your Surface Pro 7 or attach accessories with the same USB-C charger you use on your Android phone. Microsoft still includes the regular Surface Connect magnetic charging port, so all older chargers and accessories will work properly.

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Since most of the hardware hasn't changed from the outside, the inside of Surface Pro 7 has changed once again. this year. Microsoft has placed Intel 10th generation processors in Pro 7 and can choose between Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 variants. I've been using Surface Pro 6 on the 8th generation Core i7 for the past year and I'm impressed by its performance. Equally impressive here, and Surface Pro 7 stays silent even when you push video through video editing.

We've also found that it works with Surface Pro 7 on the fly. In the past, you have promised to stop working and resume again immediately after a few hours, but most Surface Pro models will go into hibernation without being used for hours. The Quick Resume of Surface Pro 6 isn't always fast, because you have to wait for the Windows Hello camera to wake up sometimes. Surface Pro 7 reacts differently and is much more responsive. Leaving it for a few hours wakes it up immediately and Windows Hello logs in before the kickstand is fully in place.

You must press the power button on Surface Pro 6. Wake up, but in Pro 7, it immediately restarts when the keyboard is folded. This greatly improved usability, but that means Microsoft has adjusted the way this device goes into hibernation. Last year, Surface Pro 6 stays idle for six hours, so you can resume immediately. Surface Pro 7 stays on hold for 72 hours.

The most obvious balance of this endless fast restart feature is battery life. I left my Surface Pro 7 at 86% battery life at 11am a day, and after 9 hours I used it again at 8PM and found that 80% of the battery remained. It's less than 1% per hour and it's worth a small drain exchange for instant wake. Surface Pro 7 has a fast charging feature that can increase battery life by 80% in an hour. It takes about an hour and 40 minutes to charge nothing at all.

Speaking of battery life, we haven't seen a big improvement in this generation. On average, I've had about 7-8 hours of battery life using various apps like Chrome, Word, Discord, Twitter, Spotify, etc. If you watch more web videos or see apps / web pages with a lot of graphics, they can drop to about 6 hours.

Actually the same experience as last year's Surface Pro 6. I use this device on a regular basis. It's enough to handle things all day, but in case you always need a charger. We're hoping that Surface Pro X will provide features that don't require carrying a lot of chargers, and we're hoping that next time Microsoft will improve its major Pro hardware next week.

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Last year, Surface Pro still has a bigger refresh. I still like this hardware, I can fit in a tight train seat and the task of using the full desktop app is still a big selling point. But the Surface Pro X made me even more excited, and the Surface Pro 7 feels much older. I'd like to see the Surface Pro 8 with a slim bezel, rounded chassis, built-in LTE, and a removable SSD with the powerful performance and legacy app compatibility offered by Intel processors.

Surface Pro 7 is still the best in its class, and arguably 2-in-1, but there's more that Microsoft can do. I was wondering if Microsoft was waiting for Intel to bring that feature together at 10nm and beyond, and may have chosen a Surface Pro X design using Qualcomm instead. After all, the Surface Pro 7's usability has certainly improved with a quick resume this year and USB-C, but there's nothing like the clever Surface Slim Pen that fits into the Type Pro's typing cover. Too familiar.

Surface Pro X now seems to be trying to set the stage in terms of raw hardware that its competitors can keep up with, and now we need to make sure that Pro X can get closer. Matches the performance of Surface Pro 7. Next year, you won't have to catch up with Surface Pro 7 according to the design of Surface Pro X.

Currently, Surface Pro 7 still offers all the features. d Surface Pro requires a hardware package that requires but requires some care. I love the variety of Surface Pro 7 hardware, but Surface Pro X represents the future of this 2-in-1. I hope the future is here now.

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