Microsoft Surface Pro 6 review: a familiar bet

Microsoft's Surface Pro has long been a flagship product for a variety of company's surface hardware. It is a tablet that can be a laptop, and a by-product of sophistication after the original Surface RT released six years ago. Imagine Surface Pro immediately when thinking about Surface. It is the most popular surface device, and Apple, Google, HP, Dell and Lenovo have copied all elements of Surface Pro.

Microsoft abolished its numbering plan for Surface Pro last year, but this time the number reappears. This year, Surface Pro 6 is basically 8GB of RAM, 8G Gen 4 core Intel processor, and is currently # 000000 (black).

Aside the important digits, Surface Pro 6 has been very similar to Surface Pro since last year. Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 5 (just call it), and Surface Pro 6 side by side. The new big change this year is the matte black finish, but Microsoft has kept the same design for three years and does not hide the fact that it has chosen the same date port as Pro 3 four years ago.

Microsoft has been upgrading its hardware to more modern hardware and ports.

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    microsoft surface pro 6 review a familiar bet

Good Stuff

  • Quad core performance
  • Matte operation
  • Matte black finish

Defective product

  • No USB-C port yet
  • The date Design shown
  • Lapability is still not ideal

Starting with the new Surface Pro 6 Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage starts at $ 899. This is a $ 100 price increase in the base version of the Surface Pro last year, but this time there is no Core m3 option, so you can get more processors and more RAM. For most people, the basic model should be sufficient for RAM improvements and cloud storage, but only for the $ 1,199 model with 256GB of storage if you want the new matte black option. We have tested matt black Surface Pro 6 with Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB storage.

Colors and additional storage may be as good as spending an additional $ 200 on it, but I do not spend any money. Do not forget that you will need to pay $ 129.99 or more for surface cover. Without this keyboard, Surface Pro 6 is just a tablet (not a very good tablet). Microsoft sells Alcantara fabrics for $ 159.99, but the company strangely does not have the Black Alcantara version to match its new hardware. If you want soft touch Alcantara instead, you must select a blue, red or silver keyboard. A matching black surface pen is available for $ 99. Spend at least $ 1,030 to get Surface Pro 6 using the keyboard.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 hardware choices are: It is almost the same as last year. The same 12.3-inch PixelSense display, same camera and same port selection. Despite Surface Book 2 and Surface Go offering USB-C ports, Microsoft uses the ancient Mini DisplayPort, a single USB 3.0 port, microSD card reader, and surface connector for charging. It does not have USB-C and does not support ThunderBolt 3. In other words, you can not charge the Surface Pro 6 with a USB-C phone charger, and you can not connect to an external GPU to convert it to a gaming device. Other PC makers have adopted ThunderBolt 3 in their Surface competitors, and Microsoft's disappointing port selection now requires a compromise.

The only exterior design change is the new matte black finish. I like it very much, and it looks great with the burgundy Type Cover. Microsoft fortunately went to Matt on the mat for finish. So I did not find ugly fingerprints or stains. I hope the black type cover is Alcantara.

Fortunately, Microsoft has adjusted the internal structure of Surface Pro 6 to compensate for external hardware changes. Inside is the 8th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and the latest quad-core version. While I did not find a huge performance improvement on regular work during the testing process, Surface Pro 6 is much smoother than previous model applications and multitasking. I was deeply impressed that Microsoft was able to squeeze the Intel Core i7-8650U processor inside a relatively silent computer. I never knew the fans would spin during the test.

Battery life is also solid. I've run about 10 desktop apps every day, and I've seen an average of eight hours of battery life when Chrome handles daily workloads. This is not 13.5 hours of battery life claimed by Microsoft, but it is based on local video playback and is not the way most people use the device. Battery life is good enough to enjoy Netflix videos and some games during the day. As with most Surface Pro devices, built-in Intel graphics do not allow you to enjoy high-end games, but casual games on the Microsoft Store work well.

There was one special change at Microsoft. Windows 10 with Surface Pro 6 is now the home version of the operating system, not the Pro version. If you need the features of the Pro version, such as BitLocker Encryption and Remote Desktop, you will have to pay to upgrade.

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Former Surface Pro's new norms and predictable Surface Pro 6 have definitely reached a stage where greater refresh is required. HP is excited about the 2-in-1 design that has recently impressed Microsoft with Specter Folio. HP only uses Y-series Intel processors, but adopts Intel's latest 1W display technology and ThunderBolt 3 USB-C port. I would have expected Microsoft to apply this latest technology to the new Surface design rather than HP.

Microsoft originally took a safe approach to burning with the Intel Skylake chip in the Surface Book. It may be a wise move, given the reliability issues of past surface products, but Surface Pro 6 is not very interesting in terms of technology and design. I have seen the USB-C here and wish there were more design changes.

Surface Pro's variety and weight are good, but lap times are still a problem. On the bridge. I also want to let Microsoft know how to optimize the screen bezel in Surface Pro. There are many smaller and less visible laptops and tablets, such as Surface Go, that have been downsized in recent years.

If you are thinking about upgrading with Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 6 will be a noteworthy change. It is lightweight, portable and has all the features of Windows 10 and desktop applications.

Microsoft has played a leading role in this laptop and tablet hybrid design, but there is a risk that competitors will catch up. Many years after many PC makers have followed the industry-changing notebook design 10 years ago, Apple still sells the same MacBook Air design. The Surface Pro 6 seems a little used and lacks modern ports, but portable laptop and tablet hybrids are still ahead. Now.

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