Microsoft spreads the Cortana love to more Insiders with new Windows 10 preview

Microsoft issued an update for Windows 10 next year, also known as 20H1, last night, with some tight networks and more spooky Cortana broadcasting than it could have done to more Insiders.

Build 18956 en It's a constant matter for Fast Ring Insiders, as Microsoft continues to recover from the accidental launch of the operating system to all Windows Insider program rings, regardless of the wishes of its unpaid army of amateur testers. [19659002] The most striking change this time is a renewal of the web page, which has been a bit confusing so far. Users often ended up falling for something that looked suspiciously like an earlier version of Windows to deal with recalcitrant network adapters.

Improvements are welcome and list all connections, as well as making it clear which one is being used to connect to the Internet. The status page also shows all important usage data for each connection. Then, a user can enter the network to see what is using that precious data and apply limits accordingly (although only currently on the network).

The "new experience of Cortana" is also extending to 50 percent of Windows Insiders. Cortana has been a bit marginalized in recent times, and now it is little more than an application with a chat window. As if to underline the insignificance of the thing, Microsoft suggests wheezing, such as asking the weather or asking for a joke.

The underlying auxiliary technology, of course, will arrive at Office. The version of Windows 10 is currently just a little curious, although the gang has promised updates from the Microsoft Store to add features lost from the previous version.

  Someone snooping on someone else

Reminder: When a tech giant says that it listens to its audio recordings to improve its AI, it means that humans are listening. Right, skype? Cortana?


And, of course, you can also talk to Cortana. Although be careful what you say. You never know who could be listening.

In addition to the Always-On-Top calculator appearing and improving notifications and the Chinese IME, the release also eliminated hopes that at least one feature removed could reappear

Unfortunately, home group options that appeared in the context menu of the File Explorer "Give access to" should not have been there and the Windows giant has trampled the function once again. We can imagine shrieks of "kill him with fire!" emanating from the depths of Redmond's entrails.

In fact, File Explorer has received many corrections this time, with the search function praised by attracting attention. Fixed a crash when searching the OneDrive folder (when OneDrive is not running), as well as the potentially embarrassing error that made recent searches visible even when it was deactivated by group policy.

Things remain a bit difficult, as evidenced by a solution to prevent the search drop-down menu from being "disconnected" when the File Explorer window is dragged. Still, the finish line is still more than half a year away.

And yes, users of Realtek SD readers (or at least some of them) and game players who have not received a patch for offending the anti-cheat code stay away for now. ®

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