Microsoft slathers Visual Studio 2019 with extra Docker love, triggers Hot Reload in Preview 2

Microsoft continued to hit developers with toys while issuing new previews of Visual Studio 2019 and .NET Core 3.

Hot reload in Visual Studio

While Microsoft was eager to talk about container tools in Version 16.3 preview 2 of its developer suite, a much needed improvement for Xamarin. The forms arrived last night in the form of Hot Reload.

XAML Hot Reload for Xamarin.Forms is now available for the Windows and Mac versions of Visual Studio 2019 (8.3 preview 2 for Mac). It is also one of those things that a developer would be forgiven for hoping that an IDE like Visual Studio has done it for years. After all, making a change in the definition of the form and previewing it in real time is not rocket science, right?

It seems so. To see the effect that a change in the XAML user interface would have, a developer had to support a rebuild of the application.

It was a recognized problem at the recent Xamarin Developer Summit, and Pierce Boggan, senior Microsoft program manager for Mobile Developer Tools, joked developers with XAML Hot Reload. The feature was intended to address the problem by allowing changes in the XAML user interface to be reflected without building or deploying anything.

Boggan opened a private preview of the technology a month ago.

Under the grip of the vulture

The Reg took the new public preview to go around and discovered that it saved a lot of time for the development of the mobile user interface. Once an application has been compiled, pressing save shows changes in the XAML user interface made to the target of the deployment instead of having to go through the pain of implementing it all the time.

It's not as fast as one might expect: things are happening under the hood to stop typographical and similar errors, resulting in an unencrypted application, but it is a considerable improvement in the current functionality of Visual Studio 2019. [19659004] The next adjustments include incremental recharge (reload changes only), which should address some of our persistent performance concerns and simultaneous reloads for multiple platforms that are debugged at the same time.

If the development of Xamarin.Forms is your thing, we would have to say that XAML Hot Reload makes this update worthwhile on its own. Although keep in mind that this version is still largely a preview.

In addition to the public preview of Hot Reload, the version also provides Docker Container support for C # projects for Azure Functions without a server (v2). Container tools also facilitate Azure Functions containerization in a Linux container.

However, the ability to debug those Azure Functions inside that Docker container is more interesting, with passage through the code and breakpoints present and correct.

Finally, in addition to the C ++ settings, for example, that IntelliCode is enabled by default, Mac users finally have a simple way to start ASP.NET Core projects in browsers other than macOS default through a configuration selector.

.NET Core 3.0 Preview 8 – crawling closer to launch

Microsoft also silently released another preview of .NET Core 3.0, which, as promised, is lightweight in new features as the team focuses in improving the code before a final release.

The gang is already running the .NET website in .NET Core Preview 8 and insists that the code is compatible and ready for production. Of course, if you are running Preview 7 (the version candidate), then you must upgrade to Preview 8 for that "Go Live" support. under your belt before leaving it near a production environment. The long-term support version (LTS) will be version 3.1, which will be launched in November 2019.

As for version 3.0, the team estimates that a preview will be released soon 9. The roadmap requires General availability in September. ®

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