Microsoft Secured-core enabled PCs include HP, Dell, Lenovo and Surface Pro X

Secured Core

In addition to manufacturing custom silicon for its devices powered by Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop AMD, the company is also boosting its custom secure core PC architecture this year.

Microsoft goes beyond software solutions to partner with many of its original PC equipment manufacturers to provide a triple layer of hardware, firmware and software to protect devices typically used in government, service sectors Financial and health care.

The essence of the secure core PC lies in the hardware-based security components. Reliable platform chips allow virtualization-based security that creates an isolated core of secure hardware that prevents access to other critical parts of the hardware or software, all working together.

The entire process also makes use of Windows Defender System Guard through a series of System Integrity Checks during startup.

According to Microsoft,

This process and the data are isolated by Windows hardware to help ensure that the measurement data is not subject to the type of manipulation that could occur if the platform were compromised. From here, the measurements are used to determine the integrity of the device firmware, the hardware configuration status and the components related to Windows startup.

This guarantees protection against unsigned malware, one of the main vectors for major attacks. Once Windows starts and runs safely and a user logs in with Windows Hello,

Credential Guard ensures that identity and domain credentials are isolated and protected in a secure virtualization-based kernel, thereby blocking the techniques and credential theft attack tools used in many targeted attacks.

Even malware running on the operating system with administrative privileges cannot extract authentication tokens.

To take a look at the hardware and associated companies, Microsoft has a list of devices for sale with Secure- here, including Dell, HP, Dynabook, Lenovo and even Microsoft's next Surface Pro X.

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