Microsoft Search to showcase what's new and what's next at Ignite

  The Microsoft Ignite 2019 session catalog is now available

The evolution of Microsoft's search has been a relatively complicated matter since the company apparently set aside the Cortana convention as a conduit for Bing Search.

However, with only 20 odd days away from the Microsoft Ignite 2019 corporate developer conference, news comes that the company may have plans to streamline its messages behind its various search initiatives.

Microsoft offers a list of sessions for developers interested in what follows for the Microsoft Search history which includes:

SRCH10 News and developments for the search for Microsoft

Get the latest updates in Microsoft Search. Take the trip to learn how ideas, actions and responses are being incorporated into your daily experiences in Microsoft 365, Bing and Edge. See the most recent roadmap in all your experiences, from SharePoint to Office and beyond. Also, get information on how to connect external connectors of third-party content, customization and extensibility.

SRCH20 Microsoft search for the administrator: what you need to know

Know the impact of Microsoft Search on you, the administrator. We will guide you through the internal operation of Microsoft Search and remove the curtains from the architecture. Then, we will translate it into practical tasks for search administration that will help you and your organization make the most of Microsoft's search.

SRCH30 Connect your world of information to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Search: a look at Micr …

Modern information workers need to find knowledge quickly and easily, regardless of Where the data resides. Come take a first look at Microsoft Graph Connectors, which will allow your business users to search content sources beyond Microsoft 365. You will see how Microsoft and our partners are making Microsoft Search more powerful to benefit your users. We will also show you a simple set of APIs that you can start using for the development of your custom connector.

SRCH40 Get answers in context with semantic search and natural language in Microsoft's search

For human beings, reading comprehension is a basic task, performed daily. Already in elementary school, we can read an article and answer questions about your ideas and key details. But for AI, complete reading comprehension remains an elusive goal, but necessary if we are going to measure and achieve general artificial intelligence. In search applications, machine understanding will give an accurate answer instead of a URL that contains the answer somewhere within a long web page. In addition, machine comprehension models can comprise the specific knowledge included in articles that generally cover narrow and specific domains, where search data on which algorithms depend is scarce. In this session, see and learn about the latest innovation with natural language and automatic reading comprehension in Microsoft Search.

SRCH50 News and developments for personalization and development of Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search is a smart, Microsoft enterprise search experience that applies Bing's artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the deep personalized knowledge offered by Microsoft Graph to make the search more effective for you. In this session, we demonstrate the new Graph APIs and how Microsoft Search will allow you to create and customize rich search experiences throughout your company's content, regardless of where you reside. See our roadmap and examples of how to modernize your existing SharePoint business search experiences to get the most out of Microsoft Search.

There will be several other sessions regarding Microsoft Search during the four-day event, but the above list was one chosen by a contributing member of the Microsoft Search Blog. For anyone interested in other related sessions that include, "Start with Microsoft's search in Bing and Edge," as well as "Practice with the Microsoft Search API in Microsoft Graph," visit here for the list. [19659003] Microsoft Ignite is scheduled for November 4 and 8 in Orlando, FL, this year and should go a little deeper into the things that Microsoft only hinted at at other conferences, such as what developers can expect for Office 365, Azure and even second. HoloLens development generation.

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