Microsoft resurrects Clippy and then brutally kills him off again

Microsoft Clippy has had a hard life. Born in Office 97, Clippy politely offered suggestions for using Microsoft Office software. Often, misunderstood, you loved or hated your soulful eyes and Groucho's "eyebrows" (as Microsoft described them) when he appeared on the screen to please or upset you. While Clippy had a rather short and hectic life until Office XP in 2001, Microsoft eliminated its Office Assistant in favor of new Office features, such as smart tags and task panels. Clippy has been trying to find a job at Microsoft since then, and this week it seemed that the adorable clip had been recovered forever.

Microsoft resurrected Clippy on Tuesday, transforming the clip into an animated package of stickers for the chat of the software company's computers. These tags were released on the official Microsoft GitHub page for Office developers earlier this week, free for any Microsoft Team user to import and use for fun. Unfortunately, Clippy disappeared a day later, disappearing once more into Microsoft's deep files.

"Clippy has tried to recover his work since 2001, and his brief appearance on GitHub was another attempt," says a Microsoft spokesman at The Verge . "While we appreciate the effort, we have no plans to bring Clippy to the teams."

microsoft resurrects clippy and then brutally kills him off again

A source familiar with the situation at Microsoft tells The Verge that the "brand police" within the company was not happy that Clippy had appeared on the Microsoft Teams, and immediately ordered the brutal shot of the anthropomorphic clip. Microsoft has now killed the GitHub project associated with Clippy for Microsoft computers, and Clippy is once again looking for a new job. However, there is still hope.

Clippy fans have started a kind of petition to restore their leading role in the Microsoft Teams. If you want to see the return of Clippy as a package of decal messages, you can vote right here. Microsoft often responds to direct comments from its user service sites, and the primary request at this time is for private channels on Microsoft Teams. This feature will appear later this year, along with a lot of new inventive additions to make Slack users jealous.

This is a sample of the fun animations that are included in the Clippy sticker package. Thanks for all the memories and Clippy memes. Good luck in your job search.


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