Microsoft reports record Q1 results as cloud, Surface, and gaming all grow

Microsoft today posted $ 29.1 billion in revenues and net income of $ 8.8 billion, posting a quarter of its 2019 financial results. Revenue grew 19% and net profit increased 34%. Microsoft records this as the first quarter, which is attributed to cloud growth.

Surface sales grew 14% year-on-year to $ 1.1 billion. It was the first quarter since Microsoft launched the Surface Go tablet in August. Now, Surface is a solid business of $ 1 billion. Microsoft has been the top five PC makers in the United States for the last four quarters. In a conversation with investors, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood found that Surface sales for the quarter increased due to Surface Book 2 and Surface Go sales.

Microsoft recently announced new Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 laptops, but these devices have not been available recently. Similarly, new Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones will not be available until next month, so you should wait until Microsoft's Q2 2019 financial results are affected.

microsoft reports record q1 results as cloud surface and gaming all grow

Surface Pro 6
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Microsoft's game business has grown steadily lately and sales have increased by 44%. Xbox hardware sales increased 94 percent this quarter, depending on when Xbox One X was released. Xbox Live users have also reached 57 million in the last quarter. In a conversation with investors, Samya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Satya Nadella, said, "Bringing the game pass to the PC is an important part of the company's future for Xbox service."

Microsoft recently announced that its Microsoft cloud games, Competition with services such as NOW, PLAYSTATION NOW, SHADOW and Liquid Sky will be intense. Even Google is testing its own project stream service, allowing gamers to use the Assassin's Creed Odyssey via a Chrome browser on their laptop or desktop.

Although Surface pushed Microsoft into the top five PC makers in the United States, Windows license revenue was also good. Sales of Windows OEM Pro increased 8% in the quarter. This means that the mix of premium licenses purchased by PC manufacturers is high. When PC manufacturers continued to market premium Windows laptops to consumers and commercial customers, their nonprofessional sales decreased 5 percent.

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HP's new premium notebook
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Microsoft is impressive in terms of business. Office Commercial Products and Services revenue grew 17 percent in the quarter and Office 365 commercial revenue grew 36 percent. Businesses have been actively adopting Office 365 over the last year and have exceeded 155 million monthly active users. Office consumer sales also increased 16%, and 32.5 million consumers subscribed to Office 365.

Microsoft's Azure revenue in terms of cloud and server increased 76% in the quarter. In general, server products and cloud services grew 28%. The total intelligent cloud segment grew 24 percent to $ 8.8 billion in gross Microsoft revenue of $ 29.1 billion in the quarter. More personal computing, including Windows, games, search and surface, is a top-selling USD 10.7 billion in total revenue.

  Microsoft's mobile app </figcaption></span></p>
<p id= Microsoft's $ 26 billion dollar bet on the acquisition of LinkedIn, a business-oriented data and social networking company, is still under review. hopeful. LinkedIn sales increased 33% as sessions grew.

Bing and Microsoft's search efforts continue to contribute to Microsoft's overall revenue. Search ad revenue has increased 17% in the quarter and has increased steadily over the past year. This is related to increased revenue per search and overall increase in search volume.

In the future, MS CEO Satya Nadella says the company's acquisition of GitHub will be "terminated" soon. European Union

October 24, 6:10 PM Eastern Time : Updated Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft CFO Amy Hood.


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