Microsoft reports fourth quarter earnings for fiscal year 2019, as expected, the trillion dollar company continues to rake it in

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Microsoft, which exceeded the $ 1 trillion market capitalization milestone a few weeks ago, continues to shoot at all cylinders with the latest earnings results. Almost all categories have gone up, some significantly. Revenues increased 12% to $ 33.7 billion for the quarter, the commercial cloud increased 39% to $ 11 billion, and the day's topic is $ 11 billion:

Almost the only thing in this great success of publication of earnings was the revenue per game, which decreased by 10% (8% less in the currency constant) with Xbox software and services by 3% (1% less in constant currency). However, this is not as alarming as it could be, since the fourth quarter is generally smooth (no holidays or back to school to increase revenues), and the impending Xbox Scarlett and the new xCloud gaming service are they are on the horizon. the players pause to wait for the next big thing.

The rest of "More personal computing" increased:

Revenues in More personal computing were $ 11.3 billion and increased by 4% (up to 6% in constant currency), with the following highlights of the business:

  • Windows OEM revenues increased by 9% (up to 9% in constant currency)
  • Windows Commercial Products revenues and cloud services increased by 13% (up to 16% in constant currency)
  • Surface revenues increased by 14% (up to 17% in constant currency)
  • Advertising revenues without including traffic acquisition costs increased by 9% (up to 10% in constant currency)
  • > The revenue per game decreased 10% (8% less in constant currency) with Xbox software and Services revenue decreased 3% (down 1% in constant currency)

Office 365 Business revenue growth increased 31% , now there are 34.8 million Offi subscribers 365 consumers, and LinkedIn really seems to be gaining ground:

LinkedIn revenues increased 25% (28% more in constant currency) with record levels of participation highlighted by the LinkedIn sessions with a growth of 22% [19659014] There really is nothing to complain about, and although Microsoft has already won with its trillion dollar position, it expects it to continue to rise.

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