Microsoft reportedly plans to discuss next-gen Xbox consoles at E3 2019

Sony may have decided to skip the biggest annual exposition in the video game industry this year, but Microsoft plans to return to E3 2019 through the usual explosive press conference. The French gaming news outlet of JeuxVideo now plans to discuss the next generation of the Xbox product line.

Microsoft will not get pricing details or product names, but will be officially verified for two devices to be released by Microsoft next year. Halo Infinite is known as the launch title for Microsoft's new Xbox console.

Halo Infinite is the new Xbox console release title for Microsoft Xbox.

Last year E3, Microsoft unveiled the following iteration of Halo Halo Infinite and confirmed that it is officially participating in the game streaming service for the Xbox console. It also works on Windows PCs and mobile phones. (Yesterday's report is also available on Nintendo Switch.) Unlike the harder approach to Sony's next-generation hardware and services, Microsoft has already disclosed the name of the cloud service to me. XCloud, .

In December last year, Anaconda and other Lockhearts leaked a code name for Microsoft's new console, following a new two-console development strategy codenamed "Scarlett." Microsoft can also apply the new Xbox One S / One X "good" approach to the new generation, so there are two console options for the people to release.

Other rumors include the high-end Anaconda with solid state drives, and the low-cost Lockheart is offered in a diskless version to complement xCloud with new disk-digital initiatives that consumers can potentially transfer over physical disks library. JeuxVideo is reportedly saying that the latest Xbox devices are fully compatible with current generation hardware and Halo Infinite will be the title to be released on Xbox. One X / One S and New console.

You will know about Microsoft's approach. It is meaningful now that E3 2019 will be a great opportunity to start a next-generation conversation with Sony. (We do not know much about Sony's next-generation approach, but there's still enough information to guess what the PlayStation 5 looks like.) All new hardware items from Microsoft and Sony will be released in the fall of 2020, The current generation of

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