Microsoft releases first preview of PowerToys utilities for Windows 10

  Microsoft launches the first preview of PowerToys utilities for Windows 10

Microsoft is informing Windows Insiders that they may have in their hands the first preview code version of their PowerToys as of September 5, 2019.

saw or sandblaster as the name implies, Microsoft PowerToys are instead a set of utilities designed to be used by "advanced users" to help optimize the Windows experience and increase the productivity that is dates back to the era of Windows 95.

In 1995, expert Windows users received the first version of MPT that included 15 tools such as CabView, CDAutoPLay, Desktop Menu, Explorer From Here, FindX, QuickRes, Telephone Location Selector , Xmouse 1.2 and more. The restarted 2019 version of MPT now begins with only two utilities and codes found for the project on GitHub that include the direct access guide to the Windows keys and a window manager called FancyZones.

The Windows shortcuts guide does exactly what is advertised,

The Windows shortcuts guide is a full-screen overlay utility that provides a dynamic set of shortcuts Windows that are applicable to the given desktop and the currently active window. When the Windows key is held down for a second (this time it can be adjusted in the settings), an overlay appears on the desktop that shows all the available Windows key shortcuts and what action those shortcuts will take given the current status of the desktop and the active window. If the Windows key continues to be pressed after a shortcut is issued, the overlay will remain active and show the new status of the active window.

  Microsoft releases the first preview of PowerToys utilities for Windows 10

Meanwhile, FancyZones is a bit more nuanced in its application that allows cached versions of application designs with windows for quick restoration of desktop arrangements by using templates or custom designs.

The editor also supports the creation and storage of custom designs. This functionality is in the Custom tab in the user interface of the editor. There are two ways to create custom zone designs, window design and table design. These can also be considered as additive and subtractive models. The additive window design model begins with a blank design and supports adding areas that can be dragged and resized, similar to windows.

  Microsoft releases the first preview of PowerToys utilities for Windows 10

Microsoft draws developers to its GitHub project and encouraging comments on the two new utilities while waiting for developers to take a Look at your portfolio of other utilities to get inspired.

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