Microsoft: no plans to release more Xbox exclusives on Nintendo Switch or PS4

Xint fans were surprised at the beginning of the year, thanks to Nintendo's "friends at Microsoft" who explained the reality of the switch, and said earlier this week that Microsoft will publish Ori and Blind. Forest Definitive Edition of Nintendo Switch . Microsoft and Nintendo have teamed up to facilitate cross-platform play, but it's unlikely to see any of its Xbox exclusive games headed for Switch or PS4.

"Last year was exciting. It's time for us when we've more than doubled the internal creative team that makes up Xbox Game Studios," says a Microsoft spokesman at As we became aware of the existing commitments to other platforms, we will respect them, but this new studio will focus on creating games for the platform, and we do not plan to further expand our proprietary first party games to other consoles. We deeply believe in the crossplay and progression of the game, with the appropriate flexibility for developers to ensure a fair and fun experience. "

Forza Gears Halo or even Killer Instinct seems hopeless on the way to Switch or PS4. Microsoft is focused on xCloud for cross-platform availability of its games, but the availability of these cloud streaming games is highly dependent on whether Nintendo and Sony allow xCloud apps on the platform.

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