Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony working on loot box disclosure policies, says ESA

Loot Box Overwatch

Microsoft along with its main competitors in the gaming industry, Nintendo and Sony, are working on new policies that would require developers to disclose the use of booties from their games, according to a report from Michael Warnecke, the chief technology policy advisor for the Entertainment Software Association, announced the news at the Inside the Game workshop of the Federal Trade Commission on the subject of the loot box this morning, saying:

"I am pleased to announce this morning that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have indicated to ESA a commitment to the new platform policies regarding the use of loot boxes paid in the games that are developed for their platform. Specifically, this would apply to new games and updates of games that add loot functions, and would require the disclosure of the relative rarity or probability of obtaining random virtual elements in games that are available on their platforms.

“In addition, many of the leading videogame publishers of the Software Association Entertainment have decided that they will implement a similar approach at the publisher level to provide consumers This information and provide them with improved information to make purchasing decisions. ”

While these changes are certainly welcome and a great victory for ESA, it seems that this is only a beginning. "That said, we are doing more," Warnecke said.

As noted on, both Google Play and the App Store already have similar requirements for loot boxes. It's unclear if this will apply to Google's next Stadia game streaming service, but xCloud should follow the same policies that Microsoft sets, as it is being created to run the same games as the Xbox One.

What do you think? of the new policies in loot boxes? Do you think game companies can improve their dissemination of articles about the game? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments area below.

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