Microsoft may be prepping multiple color options and a rear facing camera for Surface Duo

  Panos Surface Duo and Surface Neo

After the flood of camera flashes and 360-degree slow-motion videos, we can finally take a break and fully examine Microsoft's new Surface Duo and some detectives of Internet are beginning to raise some interesting questions, will there be more than the whitish color option for the device?

While Microsoft paraded around his target / Off – White Surface Duo for the press and for the cameras on October 2, 2019, there have been captures and brief moments in video that have seen a black version of the device in use.

Along with the observation of @ galayder, Microsoft hardware CPO, Panos Panay has been seen, in this video by Marques Brownlee on YouTube, using a black version with a reference area for what could be a future camera module

MicrosoftTeams image 1 1

After its relatively dazzling presentation last week, Microsoft The miniature folding offer has received a lot of attention from the press. Some journalists have got to work with the dual device with 5.6-inch screen with Android technology, while others have chosen to speak with the Microsoft product manager about the ins and outs of the company's new folding device.

In the past, 120 hours or so, Panay and his team of executives have consistently stated that the hardware for Microsoft Duo is locked and will probably not change over the next year as the company prepares for the developer of the cutting for applications and services for the device. Despite his vocal convictions, there seems to be a couple of unanswered questions about the Duo's hardware, including final color options and camera inclusions (note that the black Duo Panos he holds has what appears to be a rear camera, unlike the white version shown last week), as well as the final chipset offers.

The Surface Duo is currently running a custom Snapdragon 855 chipset, however, in the 2020 holiday season, the Qualcomm chip designer will likely offer a more robust update for mobile devices. [19659008] Microsoft has doubled its matte black options for Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and now Surface Pro X and it seems that its newer folding options, Neo and Duo will probably follow suit, especially if the division chief is already swinging A black version.

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