Microsoft just teased a slick new Minecraft AR game for your phone

Microsoft began to appear to be a new Minecraft game for mobile devices. The software giant will use video to demonstrate Minecraft as an augmented reality and run it over the phone today at the company's Build 2019 keynote. In video Minecraft Creative Director Saxs Persson calls a bench outside the Washington State Convention Center where Microsoft's Build Developer Conference is held. The passenger picks it up and suggests that Minecraft is running in the AR and that Microsoft is preparing a new game.

Minecraft It is not clear what the game is, but it can be a killer app for augmented reality. Proving the potential of Augmented Reality Pokémon Go I have not seen many apps or games since and Pokémon Go has been downloaded over 500 million times.


Microsoft isn Minecraft We are not talking about plans for AR anymore. The teaser also says that more information will come out on May 17, the 10th anniversary of Minecraft . Microsoft showed Minecraft which was previously running on the HoloLens headset, but it was not just a new game, it was a technical demo. Microsoft's teaser feels something bigger. In particular, it is clearly linked to the decade's Minecraft . We must learn more on May 17th.

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