Microsoft is working on foldable Surface devices with liquid-powered hinges

Microsoft is developing a dual screen Surface device that is very similar to the company's Courier concept. The software company is expected to tease this device at the Surface hardware event next month, but according to new patents, Microsoft's work goes far beyond dual-screen hardware. According to a new patent found in WindowsUnited Microsoft has found that it is studying special hinges that use liquids to reduce the stress of fluid, collapsible displays.

Flexible display lets you bend and move to another location. Microsoft's example shows a device with two separate sides and a flexible OLED display that scales across the entire device. Microsoft has long focused on complex and impressive hinge work with Surface devices, and this particular hinge is described in detail in a patent application. Structure showing multiple concepts of complex hinge assembly Samsung had its own problem of getting debris under the initial unit of the Galaxy Fold, and had to go back to the drawing board to find a way to fix the hardware. Microsoft tries to avoid a similar scenario.

The most interesting part of this patent application is the submission to “Microsoft Technology Licensing” that this technology will license other partners and PC manufacturers. Microsoft is currently working closely with Intel and several OEMs to prepare for new versions of Windows (running on folder and dual screen devices), code-named "Windows Lite." This new version of Windows targets dual screen and folding hardware. In addition, Microsoft previously licensed some Surface Pro hinge operations to partners.

microsoft is working on foldable surface devices with liquid powered hinges

Microsoft's patent application does not disclose the exact device, although some of the company's hardware was previously found in the patent application. Surface Studio appeared in a patent application and Microsoft's canceled Andromeda device was also found in the patent before the company moved to a larger dual-screen prototype. It's unlikely that a full-surface dual-screen device will be revealed at a Microsoft event in New York City next month, but it's a bit teasing about the company's work in progress.

Microsoft dual-screen Surface device codename "Centaurus" is part of a big push for a variety of new dual-screen and foldable tablet / laptop hybrids that OEMs are working on. Microsoft demonstrated this new device at an internal conference earlier this year, and Intel is pushing OEMs to create dual screen devices.

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