Microsoft is going to ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10

Microsoft has surprised many in the Linux developer community in recent years. Surprises include adding the Bash shell to Windows, adding native OpenSSH on Windows 10, or including Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora in the Windows Store. Microsoft plans to move forward with plans to ship the entire Linux kernel directly from Windows 10.

"When I build this summer with Windows Insiders, it includes my own Linux kernel. The latest version of Microsoft Program Manager, Jack Hammons, says that the Windows Subsystem for Linux (" WSL " It will initially be based on 4.19, the latest long-stable version of Linux. This kernel will be rebased to the new long-term stable release specification so that the WSL kernel can always maintain the latest Linux. "

Integrating Linux on Microsoft's Windows 10 allows users to interact with the installed user space through the Windows Store, a major change for Microsoft and the first time the Linux kernel has been included as part of Windows.

Developers need to significantly improve Microsoft's Linux subsystem performance on Windows, Microsoft will update this kernel through Windows Update, and developers will be able to It is completely open source with the ability to create your own WSL kernels and provide changes.

Microsoft today also announced Windows Terminal, a new command line application for Windows: PowerShell, Cmd, and the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL), and the

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