Microsoft is fighting to "curb the overuse" of government requests for enterprise data stored in the cloud

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Microsoft wants everyone to know how serious the company is to take the privacy and security of its customers. As noted in a Microsoft on the Issues blog post, the Redmond, Washington company described its guidelines for handling government and police requests for customer information. Microsoft details that in terms of total transparency, Microsoft will notify its customers when such a request is made.

"We believe that customers have the right to know when the police request their email or documents, and we have the right to inform. The reason is simple: we believe that our customers own their data and have the right to control it. extraordinary circumstances, government agents should look for data directly from our business clients, and if they look for our customers' data from us, they should let us tell our clients when the demands are made.We firmly believe that these fundamental protections should not disappear alone because customers store their data in the cloud instead of in filing cabinets or desk drawers.

When a law enforcement agency submits a legally valid court order, court order or subpoena to Microsoft that requests data belonging to One of our business clients, we seek to redirect that request to the client. In most cases, that is exactly what happens. However, there are times when the government asks us for data and prevents us from informing our business clients that they are looking for their data. We agree that there are some limited circumstances in which law enforcement must be able to operate in secret to prevent crime and terrorism and keep people safe. And although we accept that the secret orders that prevent us from notifying our clients may be appropriate in those limited circumstances, we also believe that there are times when those orders go too far. "

The simple reasoning behind this is that Microsoft knows that customers own their own data and should be notified when an unauthorized person or entity tries to access that information.As a cloud service provider, Microsoft considers it necessary to notify its customers how it handles customer data and privacy in the United States and around the world globe.

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