Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI to pursue holy grail of artificial intelligence

Microsoft is investing $ 1 billion in OpenAI in San Francisco, founded by celebrities in Silicon Valley, including Elon Musk and Sam Altman, who are dedicated to developing artificial general information (AGI).

With this investment, Microsoft will provide OpenAI with a "proprietary" cloud computing service and both companies will develop new technologies together. OpenAI will also license some technologies to Microsoft to make the technology commercially viable.

OpenAI started in 2015 as a nonprofit research institute and focused on AI development in coordination with advanced technology research and development, including Google and Amazon. A safe and democratic way. But earlier this year, OpenAI said it needed more money to continue this work, and set up a new non-profit company to look for external investments.

OpenAI made an outrageous promise of technology potential to attract sponsors. Altman, CEO of OpenAI for a new profit-making goal, said that if the lab could generate artificial intelligence information, it could figure out the source of light for the future value of the universe.

OpenAI operates as a wholly owned subsidiary because it suppresses investors' greed. In other words, anyone who puts money can expect 100 times the return on investment. It does not offer "any future value" in space, but it is not a pocket change.

microsoft invests 1 billion in openai to pursue holy grail of artificial intelligence

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (left) and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (right).
Photos: Microsoft

Microsoft and OpenAI agreed on a $ 1 billion investment in Microsoft's faith and accuracy in Altman's trust. OpenAI comes from his belief in AGI. This is a Holy Grail of artificial intelligence for decades, and it means a human intelligence system that is as flexible as a human being and generally intelligent.

Researchers can create superhuman AI software in specific areas, such as certain board games or medical scan analysis, but this system can not transfer that competency from one task to another. Yann LeCun, head of AI at Facebook, said: With regard to general information, we can not even make things smarter like mice.

AGI is an active discussion topic in the community when researchers can create AGIs (even if possible). In a recent survey of field experts, some experts say the probability of generating AGI by 2099 is 50%.

To date, OpenAI has been impressed with artificial intelligence research. It set a new benchmark for robot dexterity. The game bot leveled the human champion in Dota 2. An incredibly flexible text generation system that lets you write anything from persuasive song lyrics to fake news articles and short stories.

None of these projects, however, are different from the big changes brought about by the jump to AGI. Other researchers, however, have over-criticized OpenAI's oversight and questioned whether the shift to commercial research undermines the claim of "democratizing" AI.

In a statement, MS CEO Satya Nadella said "We will maintain the" AI Safety Front and Center "for everyone to benefit. Altman says security and" economic benefits "proliferation is a major concern.

"The creation of AGI is the most important skill development in human history and it is possible to create a human race." "Our mission is to ensure that AGI technology is profitable for all mankind, We are working with Microsoft to build a supercomputing foundation to build. "

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