Microsoft hints at new modern Windows OS with ‘invisible’ background updates

Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed the existence of its rumored Windows Lite operating system, but the software giant is dropping some pretty big clues about the future of Windows today. Nick Parker, corporate vice president of sales for consumers and devices at Microsoft, appeared on the Computex stage today to detail the company's vision for a modern operating system. Although Parker did not disclose Windows Lite, a rumored light version of Windows for dual-screen and Chromebook-like devices, it did reveal how Microsoft is preparing for new types of devices.

These new devices will require what Microsoft calls "modern OS," which includes a lot of "enablers" as integrated updates. We have seen several promises of improvements to Windows updates over the years, but Microsoft now promises that "modern operating system updates are performed invisibly in the background;" The upgrade experience is deterministic, reliable and instantaneous without interruptions. "The interrupts performed in the background sound very different from those of the Windows update available in Windows 10 today, and it sounds much more like the Chrome operating system.

microsoft hints at new modern windows os with invisible background updates

This According to Microsoft, the" operating system modern "is also secure by default, which means that the state is separate from the operating system and the process is" separate from the applications ", which sounds much more in the cloud than we are used to today. wants this modern operating system to work with 5G connectivity, and include a variety of inputs such as pen, voice, touch, inclus or look.

Perhaps the most telling part of the Microsoft Computex blog post is that the entire paragraph describing this "modern operating system" never mentions Windows. "These facilitators and charming support our vision of a modern OS, provide the fundamental elements for an evolution of the PC ecosystem and allow partners to offer the most focused experiences in the human being of tomorrow," explains Parker.

Some of these Suggestions on a modern operating system could already apply to Windows as it exists today, but Microsoft also describes its focus on "enabling cloud-connected experiences that use the computing power of the cloud to improve user experiences on their devices "for this modern operating system. It's clear that whatever Microsoft is working on for Windows Lite and beyond, it will involve integrated updates, security enhancements, 5G connectivity, cloud-based applications, new form factors and AI support. Microsoft chose to put all these important parts in bold in its paragraph that details the future of its modern operating system:

These new modern PCs and innovative devices that the ecosystem will continue to build and launch into the market in the future require a modern operating system. An operating system that provides a set of enablers that provide the fundamental experiences that customers expect from their devices, and includes a set of enchantors that provide innovative experiences focused on the human being. The enablers include uninterrupted updates – with a modern operating system the updates are made invisibly in the background; The update experience is deterministic, reliable and instantaneous without interruptions! A modern operating system, it is also secure by default the state is separated from the operating system; the calculation is separated from the applications; this protects the user from malicious attacks throughout the life cycle of the device. Always connected – with a modern Wi-Fi operating system, LTE 5G will only work, and users never have to worry about a deadlock. All of a user's devices are aware and connected to each other. A modern operating system provides sustained performance from the moment a user takes their device, everything is ready to go, without having to worry about the next time the PC needs to be charged. These facilitators will satisfy the basic needs of the clients, but to truly differentiate them, we must also delight them. A modern operating system does this by enabling experiences connected to the cloud that use the computing power of the cloud to improve user experiences on their devices. These experiences are driven by AI so a modern operating system is aware of what the user is doing tomorrow and helps it do so, and improves applications to make them smarter. A modern operating system is also multisense. People can use pencil, voice, touch and even look; any input method that a user wants to use works as well as the keyboard and mouse. Finally, a modern operating system provides the ultimate in form factor agility . A modern operating system has the right sensor and stance knowledge to allow the variety of factors in innovative ways and applications that our partner ecosystem will provide

It was rumored that Microsoft was discussing plans for dual-screen devices and Windows Lite at the company's construction conference earlier this month. Those plans never materialized, and it felt as if there was a lack of future Windows information in the developer's event. Even the next major update to Windows 10, whose code name is 19H2, is secretly hidden. Although it is expected to arrive in October, Microsoft has already begun to publicly test a version of Windows 10 that will not deliver until 2020. We still do not know what will come in the October 2019 update, and it could be a very small update.

Microsoft Windows Lite plans may have been delayed a bit due to the company's surprising decision to switch to Chromium for the Edge browser. If Windows Lite has more power in the cloud and relies on the browser for many more experiences, then a change to Chromium will have affected this more modern operating system. For now, Microsoft is only willing to leave suggestions about what we can expect from the immediate future of Windows.

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