Microsoft has Windows 1.0 retrogasm: Remember when Windows ran in kilobytes, not gigabytes?

Strange things are underway in the sacred halls of Redmond, as Microsoft's Twitter account became decidedly retro this week.

The rarity began on July 1 when a tweets and an Instagram post detailing the "all-new" Windows 1.0 appeared in a font more accustomed to tiredly connecting Bing images for backgrounds desktop or drop suggestions on using Windows 10. As expected, those suggestions do not include "Simply not."

However, a simulated promotion The video, packed with music and visual effects from the 80s, appeared when the account enthusiastically connected the arrival of an MS-DOS executive from Clock, "and more." Social media experts speculated that the publication could indicate an open source of the Windows 1.0 code or, more likely, a jump in the marketing car (probably without the license fees required by the Queen of Streams). , Netflix .)

Windows 1.0 debuted in November 1985 (the same year the Netflix program is presented) and staggered over MS-DOS. The graphic shell required users to hold on to the mouse, did not allow it to overlap Windows and had some considerable hardware requirements (at the moment) to be usable.

It is good to see that at least one of those character traits has lasted for more than three decades.

The company continued with the introduction of some of the products that could take advantage of the "power of Windows", although we issued a soft cough and suggested that the first version of Excel appeared in 1987, after Windows 2.0 had shipped. However, we like both nostalgia and the next technology publication.

Windows 1.0 includes the likes of Calculator (now open source), File Manager, Reversi, Paint and Notepad. The latter has endured an aggressive retro style to this day, despite the best efforts of the Windows team to warm it slightly.

Microsoft has not yet commented on its official orifice for Windows social networks. Perhaps it is a new skin for Windows 10, an admission that the last 30 years or more have been a horrible nightmare, or a preview of a lighter and closer "Windows One".

Tuck on a lunch sandwich and turn on the old speculator …


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