Microsoft executive allegedly tried to embezzle $1.5 million and stole employees’ Super Bowl tickets

Microsoft's former sports marketing director steals about $ 1.5 million from the company and tries to steal more than 60 Super Bowl tickets for Microsoft employees. Jeff Tran was charged yesterday after an FBI investigation and was convicted of five convictions sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Tran insisted that it had begun embezzlement plans in January 2017. A Super Bowl ticket block for Microsoft employees. Tran oversees the relationship between Microsoft and NFL, and Tran personally asserted that he would deliver tickets to company managers. Instead, he sold about $ 60,000 to a broker for $ 200,000. Then they made $ 12,400 more by selling tickets to Microsoft employees who thought they had bought them with their money.

Tran is a lucrative plan a few months later. He threatened to terminate his relationship with Microsoft if the consulting firm declined to send a $ 775,000 invoice to Microsoft on behalf of the unnamed (and fictitious) vendor. Money went into Tran 's bank account.

Tran is likely to have made the same attempt in July, saying it plans to charge an additional $ 500,000 in the future, demanding an invoice of $ 670,000 in July. This time the consulting company warned Tran, a suspicious Tran, about Microsoft asking about money. Tran had never seen the bill, and after deleting text messages and presenting evidence, he said he was "hacked," and eventually returned $ 7.75 million to Microsoft.

Microsoft immediately told the Seattle PI that it had closed Tran and warned law enforcement when it learned of the embezzlement.

Before being fired, Tran helped manage the partnership for years. I made the Microsoft Surface device "the official tablet" of NFL. According to the agreement, Microsoft cost $ 400 million and there was a road crash like a sports car whose surface was called the iPad. Nevertheless, without Tran's supervision, the deal will probably be extended in December 2017.

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