Microsoft contractors have listened to voice recordings from the Xbox One

Microsoft contractors hear voice recordings captured from the Xbox One console according to motherboard . The walkthrough dates back to the early days of Xbox One, controlled by voice commands directed to the optional Kinect camera accessory, and continued even after Microsoft added the advanced Cortana voice assistant to the console.

The motherboard told several contractors who could hear this Xbox recording. Some of our users commanded Xbox One to perform certain functions, but some didn't intend, but others were triggered by accidentally unaware of the customer.

Microsoft has already confirmed that contractors have similarly screened Cortana's voice recordings on Windows and have heard Skype calls when people use the app's language translation feature. In all cases, Microsoft said it was doing this to improve service and speech recognition. In an interview with the motherboard the company said, “Too often, voice data was collected to improve voice support services, and the vendor reviewed this data.

Some of these contractors said on the motherboard that they can often hear their children's voices. This isn't surprising after talking about game consoles, but it's not surprising. However, the privacy rules that apply to children are stricter than for adults.

Microsoft announced last month that it plans to remove Cortana from Xbox One. You can still control the console via voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant on external smart speakers or other devices.

In recent weeks, other large companies, including Apple, Amazon, and Google, have been criticized for similar reviews of contractor / employee voice recordings from Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, respectively. Suffering from the idea that customers would hear the conversation from strangers (which many may not have known), the company insisted on taking steps to make the policy clearer and better control of these records.

Microsoft has not stopped its current practice, but says it is working to provide consumers with "greater clarity." "We always obtain permission from our customers before collecting voice data and take steps to de-identify the voice snippets being reviewed to protect people's privacy, and the processing of this data is subject to the Protection standards must be observed. " Motherboard . "At the same time, we are actively taking additional steps customers can take to enhance transparency and control over the data used to improve our products."

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