Microsoft announces new dividend increase amid board member shake up

  Microsoft announces a further increase in dividends amid the shaking of a board member

Earlier this week, Microsoft blessed its investors with an increase in dividends in line with their other annual payments during the Fall months, as well as a new repurchase plan before your quarterly reports.

However, according to a Seeking Alpha report, Microsoft went beyond this year with its fall dividend fall by announcing an increase of $ 0.5 per share per quarter, "The new payment will be $ 0.51 per year, or $ 2.04 per year and the shareholders registered on November 21, 2019 are paid on December 12, 2019. The ex-dividend date will be November 20, 2019. "

The increase in dividends represents one of the biggest increases since the appearance of Microsoft Stock began its meteoric rise in the last four years. Historically speaking, the Microsoft dividend has tripled its amount since 2010 to 13.75% compound growth per year.

In addition, Microsoft also shared details of its new share repurchase plan that the company is seeking to recirculate up to $ 40 billion. The new plan is presented amid the company's current repurchase option, which still has $ 11.4 billion to obtain. Microsoft has not clarified whether the new plan will replace, sit on or be an addition to the current plan. Presumably, Microsoft will share more details of the repurchase plan during its next 10-Q report.

The combined news sent Microsoft shares near an all-time high of $ 140, indicating the interest and satisfaction of investors not only in the increased dividend, but ultimately. how the performance of stock income continues to provide decent earnings year after year.

In other news, Microsoft also announced this week that the annual shareholders meeting will become an event practically organized by CEO Satya Nadella, CFO Amy Hood, company president Brad Smith and independent board chairman John Thompson . The meeting of October 8, 2019 will take place at the closing of the companies.

Perhaps, after some complaints or programming complications, Microsoft is looking to further streamline the experience of the shareholders meeting through the use of interactive and democratized technology.

A The virtual meeting format also provides a consistent experience to all shareholders, regardless of location, as well as the opportunity for global, multilingual and interactive access to a dialogue with our senior executives and directors. This change also addresses the ongoing decline in the number of shareholders attending our meeting in person and the changes in Washington state law that offer companies more flexibility to use technology effectively to conduct business meetings. shareholders.

Finally, Microsoft is shaking its shareholders count. board members with the incorporation of Emma Walmsley CEO of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and board member of GSK, while announcing the retirement of Charles H. Noski, former vice president of AT&T Corp. and Bank of America Corp., and Dr. Helmut Panke former chairman of the board of directors of BMW AG.

Noski and Panke served as board members for almost 16 years, but now they have decided not to seek re-election this time.

If Walmsley is elected, the Microsoft board will consist of 13 members with diverse backgrounds in the industry, including PepsiCo, Bank of New York, Marriott International, Gap Inc and more.

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