MGM-owned Epix jumps into the streaming service arena with EpixNow

MGM-owned TV network Epix has entered the crowded streaming service market. In a press release from the TV Critics Association, the company announced that EpixNow, a new streaming service, will begin today with a large film library and channel's original TV program.

This service was launched in 2009 and is now on a premium cable channel with 15 million subscribers. It is available for $ 5.99 a month and is currently available to Apple and Google devices and is available to Roku and Amazon Fire TV users shortly. Users can also download programming to connected devices and stream video.

The channel is owned by MGM, but it is not a streaming service that handles large studios. An Epix spokesperson says the channel has a distribution agreement covering many of the Lions Gate movies that include movies like MGM, Paramount and J.J. John Krasinski Star Trek Alex Garland Wipeout Denis Villenvue Arrival James Cameron Terminator 2: Judgment Day John Krasinski & Quiet place . The platform's TV selection is limited to Epix's original programs such as Berlin Station, and Deep State not the larger back catalogs MGM has.

Epix's spokesperson says The Verge has "made a decision to launch." This year, Cast showed just the adaptation of Slow Burnt (19459007) and the new season of the old show, including Batman Priscilla Penny Worth According to Variety the company is building its catalog.

With regard to streaming services, Epix and MGM face increasingly crowded markets Another entry into the streaming platform is another hole in the shoe to assert that it is cheaper to discard the cable and consume all the content through streaming services like Hulu's Netflix.

Consumers have plenty of choice: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Consumers have plenty of choice. Companies such as Apple, CBS, Disney, and WarnerMedia will release their major platforms this year while NBCUniversal launches its own streaming platform, with the exception of larger supplies such as Prime (a niche market like DC Universe) Is not the first streaming platform on the market, and Stargate Command, a dedicated platform for hosting sci-fi franchise content, was launched in 2017. EpixNow is not necessarily available on Netflix or Hulu. Whether it is enough to attract .

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