Meizu CEO says port-less phone was a publicity stunt

In a surprisingly candid post on the company's official forums, Meizu CEO Jack Wong admitted that a recent crowdfunding campaign for the Meizu Zero, the "First Homeless Phone in the World," was little more than that an Engadget publicity stunt ). "This crowdfunding project was just the marketing team," the CEO wrote, "the phone without slack is just a development project of the research and development department, we never had the intention of mass producing this project".

the reality of the IndieGoGo campaign, which attracted the attention of the press (including here at The Verge ) but failed to reach its $ 100,000 funding goal. Despite using advanced technology to achieve its portless design (which includes wireless charging, capacitive touch buttons, eSIM support and wireless USB data transfer), the phone was equipped with an obsolete Snapdragon 845 processor, which was a bit difficult to Justify, given your $ 1,299 initial price.

Fortunately, since Meizu set a fixed funding goal for the project instead of the flexible targets used by most of the IndieGoGo projects, the campaign ended without that no sponsor lost their money. A flexible goal would have allowed Meizu to collect the money regardless of whether they achieved their goal.

Although Wong claims that the phone is just a development project, last week, the Mashable discovered a semifunctional prototype in the MWC, although it was somewhat hidden without an adequate label in the Qualcomm post. If this prototype has a future as a commercial device it is not clear.

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