Mattress maker Casper’s first gadget is a smartphone-controlled bedside light

Casper (Castper) is one of the online mattress dealers and is the first ever connected gadget to expand beyond bedding. Called Glow, this smartphone control bed headrest is included in the lineup of mattresses, pillows, bed frames and sheets today. This device can operate on battery power, so it is easy to carry and can be used as a flashlight when you get up at night. You will also be charged using a wireless base station connected to your bedside table. The product is available for $ 89 per pair and $ 169 per pair via Casper's website.

Glow was designed in the same context as Apple's Night Shift mode on iOS and macOS. It can be adjusted according to how you prefer to have a cold at night. There is a gesture control that simply turns the light on from one end to the other. When rotated, the ending sequence of 45 minutes begins and glows steadily from bright, warm light to brighter, darker light. Completely blocked.

mattress maker caspers first gadget is a smartphone controlled bedside light

Image: Casper

The dimming process can be manually adjusted through Glow's accompanying app. This app manages a number of systems (up to a total of six) in a single system, which blends in brighter and brighter. Just by shaking the light, you can activate the glow at the lowest light setting. You can take it to the bathroom or take a glass of water. Perhaps most importantly, you can set your device to gradually light up and wake up in the morning.

Regarding the specs, Casper says that if you want to use it as a true portable light source, the light can end up with a single battery charge. However, if you pause, you should continue for about 7 hours. It does not get brighter or darker. It is only 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, so it is slightly smaller than the second generation Amazon Echo speakers. And in relation to its warmth, Glow emits light at 2,700K through a high efficiency LED, which is at the bottom of the color temperature grade and can be moved between red, yellow, orange and white light. 19659006] The aim of Gross is to help Casper sleep, without any rough blue or white light, such as from a phone screen or a hot bulb. Certainly from the start of the Internet mattress seems to have focused on the company's extensive sleep and health, including linens sheets, Merino wool blankets, and all sorts of mid-range bedding products such as the $ 75 pillow with the product. It is modeled. Casper's move to a smart home with a focus on the bedroom gadget looks like a casual move and a natural evolution of the Casper brand.

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