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Marvel Future Revolution is a new tactical RPG for iOS and Android platforms featuring all of your favorite Marvel superheroes and super villains! There are plenty of things to unlock in this game, including new heroes and villains, costumes that reflect different points of comic book history, and more.

Coupon codes are a type of code released by developers to promote better competition, reward loyal players, and promote games to new players. This code can be redeemed for redemption and for freebies and giveaways.

Read our list of coupon codes, how to find more and how to use them in Marvel Future Revolution!

To redeem a coupon code, first tap the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap the Settings button and then the Accounts button. Finally, click on the Coupon button and then the “Omega Flight Coupon” button.

After going through all these menus, you will finally see a pop-up screen where you can enter the coupon code. Enter the code or copy and paste from anywhere and submit to receive instant rewards.

So where to start looking for code? The best place to start is the game’s official Facebook page. Subscribe to the page to receive all the latest codes and scroll through the post feed to find codes you may have missed before subscribing.

Other social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, VK, Chinese social media networks, etc. are also great sources. This is especially true if your platform has official developers, but even if you don’t, there should be a fan discussion focused on sharing code.

Subreddit for gaming is another great source. Because it’s a place where players often go to discuss games. Often players post threads with code, but more often players post threads asking people for code. Helpful players often answer these questions by sharing the code they find. If you have code that hasn’t been posted yet, you can also share it.

Twitch and YouTube are also great code sources, as streamers and YouTubers tend to receive code directly from developers as a promotional tool. Take advantage of it by finding code that hasn’t been posted anywhere else and seeing if you’re rewarded for using it.

Another great source is the Reviews section of the App Store download page. First, scroll through the latest reviews to see if anyone has posted more up-to-date code that is more likely to work. As always, if you have one, please add your own to your review.

Currently, the following code has been released for Marvel Future Revolution:

eyes of the future

Omega Flight



game spot


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Lunch 825

That’s all for now, but we’ll keep updating the page as more code is released, so stay tuned for this article!

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