Mark Zuckerberg says the internet needs a ‘more active role’ for regulators

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, editor of the Washington Post and "believes that a more aggressive role is needed. And to respond to a wide range of threats to society. He describes four broad areas that we believe need new regulations: data mobility, election integrity, harmful content, and privacy.

Zuckerberg explains his case for each of the four areas using op-ed and says, "Internet companies are responsible for enforcing standards for harmful content." It says that a "standardized approach" is needed when deleting. He suggested that regulators could establish criteria for defining elements that make up harmful content and guidelines for removing them from the online platform.

Described the actions taken by Facebook to improve elections, such as new public rules for political advertising and searchable databases for the elections. Point out that there are a lot of gray areas when deciding what an ad is, what is not (again there is a problem). He notes that current legislation dealing with political spending is often centered on candidates rather than organizations that support particular issues, and notes that "legislation should be amended to set standards for the reality and fullness of the law."

Zuckerberg Prefer similar regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union with respect to privacy regulations, and added that "the Internet adopted regulations like the more national GDPR as a general framework, "We have to protect the right to choose the way we use your information," he said, including "how to punish the company if there is a mistake. "

Finally, he said that such regulations should" ensure the principle of data portability "and allow people to move information from service to service and have a common standard that the company can use.

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