MapleStory Training Guide 2020

If you are looking for a MapleStory power training guide, do not look any further. This is the best place to know how can you train or quest by level range.

The only big difference is probably the level at which you start/leave each area. Below is the guide of MapleStory Training which will very helpful for you.

MapleStory Training Guide 2020

  • Level 1-10: automatically acquired through the starter questline
  • Level 10-30: Mixed Golem.
  • Level 30-35: Ellinia Fairy Academy
  • Level 35-50: Gold Beach

50-75: Drake in sleepy wood

Here is an interesting thing to start. Most guides have come here until the age of 70. Then go straight to RnJ PQ. But waiting for levels 3-5 (basically it takes a long time to generate 1 elite boss), I think it’s worth staying at the drake.

In RnJ, you can lose your skills, have no difficulty finding a party after a slightly higher level, your skill score will be slightly higher, and you will be richer thanks to the extra elite bosses.


One or three elite bosses are spawned when in the Drake state. What I always do is CC right after killing the elite boss. Killing 20 elite mobs creates an elite boss. If you are a CC after killing CC, it is possible that someone has already killed the 1-19 Elite Mob, and always restarting the counter on an existing channel would be a better option.

I hit 6 elite bosses in the director’s 50-75. good luck. Thanks to CCing who killed the boss. We will be making a video about the Elite Boss soon, so be careful if you need more information.

Level 75-120 / 140 RnJ PQ (Romeo and Juliet PQ).

Find the letter and give it to the NPC in the fourth stage and kill it. It has a level range from 120 to 140, so it has a level range from 120 to 140. It provides an amazing experience. If only the elite boss can be summoned.

  • Alternative Level 75-100: Sand Rat. Again, only for elite bosses, I like people like that.
  • Level 100-140: Monster Park Extreme Level 100-120 If you need equipment, but can’t find anyone passing Hilla and Zak.
  • Level 120-140: Mu Lung pirates for creating elite bosses. Do you know the trend?
  • Level 140-165: DI PQ (dimentional Invasion PQ) when possible. Still, there is a limit of 10 times a day.
  • Level 140-165 / 170: MP3. If DIPQ runs out during the day, go to MP3. The best spawning speed and amazing maps in every Maple Story. This is an amazing map.
  • Level 165-250: KSH (knight base). The best place to level from 165 to 250.
  • Level 190-220: Perion’s Twilight Golem at Twilight. Numerous golems on 2 flat platform maps in the world. it’s delicious. After 192, it no longer spawns elites in KSH, so it usually goes to the golem: D

Anyway, here are my training recommendations. You can’t get 200 at the fastest speed, but you can get the biggest meso through the elite boss.

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