Maplestory Leveling Guide 2020

An easy guide to leveling the GMS reboot server for players with or without funding.

Maplestory Leveling Guide 2020

When leveling the boss, use as many EXP buffs as possible before entering. The link skills of Mercedes and Evan can greatly help all other mules trying to level up. Walkthrough Maplestory 2 Classes

When you reach level 140, unlock additional skills and character stats on each “hyper” button.

Hyper skills vary from class to class, but hyper stats can be generalized, so the recommendations during leveling are:

  • Adds Hyper Stat Points to damage
  • Critical damage
  • Primary stats
  • Attack/magic attacks
  • Mana / DFs

You can reset hyper stats later by paying up to 10 million mesos. Once you’re able to defeat the hard boss, it’s a good idea to reset the hyper stats and invest in boss damage, IED and crit damage depending on your character’s needs.

Almost all classes are automatically set to level 10 after the tutorial is completed. Some classes already start at level 10, and those tutorials summarize levels 10 to 30.

Characters like Shade, Cadena, Illium, Pathfinder, Hoyoung and Ark have tutorial quest lines up to 30 levels. Instead, it’s better to follow that questline.

There is a hyper teleportation lock

  • 10-15: Golem Temple Entrance
  • 15-27: Golem Temple 3
  • 27-30: Way to Mine 2 (this map is level 30 or higher, so it creates a rune)

There is no Hyper Teleport.

Victoria Island

  • 10-15: Golem Temple Entrance
  • 15-30: Golem Temple 3
  • 20-25: Mushmon Forest Trail
  • 23-30: Giant Tree


  • 10-17: Edelstein Promenade 1 & 2
  • 17-21: Edelstein Promenade 3
  • 21-30: Streetlamp row
  • 27-30: Road to the mine 2


  • 10-19: East Pantheon Plains
  • 15-23: Orange Forest
  • 20-30: East Pantheon Forest

Mo Hijigaoka

  • 10-30: [Quest] Story Quest
  • 14-23: Oda Scout
  • 17-30: Oda Warrior

30-60: [Theme Dungeon] If you perform 3 of the following theme dungeons, you will be at level 60.

El Rodin
Elin Fairy Fairy Academy
Gold beach
Riena strait

Some classes like Kineses and Hoyoung have story quests related to this dungeon.

  • 30-40: stray dog ​​alley 1 & 2
  • 40-50: Mr. Hazard’s Lair 1, 2, & 3
  • 43-48: [Quest] Kerning City Quest
  • 48-60: wild boar
  • 60-72: Military Camp 1 (map hidden in the “Escavation Intermission Area” through the gates)
  • 60-77: Silent Swamp / Wet Swamp
  • 65-81: Stairway to Heaven I
  • 72-90: Ice Valley II
  • 83-100: Sahel 2 / Desert of Tranquility
  • 90-100: Lab-area C-2
  • 100-115: [Boss] Normal Zakum (once a day)
  • 100-108: West Leaf Forest
  • 100-113: Sky Nest II [* x5]
  • 105-120: Cloud/sky terrace <5> (lower experience than the map below, but generally higher burning)
  • 108-120: Toy Factory <machine room>
  • 115-140: [Daily Quest] Monster Park
  • 120-130: Forgotten passage [* x28]
  • 125-135: Black Mountain Entrance
  • 130-140: Tiger Forest II
  • 135-140: Mu Lung: Practice Field: Beginner
  • 135-140: Golvin House (quest on the previous map)
  • 140-149: Red Nose Pirate Den 2
  • 140-160: [Questline] Temple of Time Quest (required for 5th job advancement)
  • 140-200: [Daily Quest] Monster Park
  • 143-154: [Theme Dungeon] Commercci Republic (not recommended to start at level 140)
  • 145-150: [Theme Dungeon] Cunning Tower
  • 145-154: 2F Cafe <4> [* x80]
  • 148-161: 5F Cosmetics Shop <3>
  • 154-162: bypass for oblivion 4 [* x90]
  • 158-166: Henesys Ruins: Market
  • 160-171: Boswell Field III
  • 160-175: [Boss] Normal Horn Tail (requires HP / Survivability)
  • 165-180: [Theme Dungeon] Omega Sector
  • 168-185: Inside the mother ship: Corridor 203
  • 180-190: Inside the bus: Corridor H03 [* x140]
  • 185-192: abandoned southern ridge
  • 191-200: Discarded Excavation Site 2
  • 194-200: Warrior Site

Agriculture on the Vision River is different from agriculture on the rest of the game. The map you should go to is based on the amount of AF you have and how far you are from the Vision River. When choosing an agricultural area, keep the following in mind:

  1. Never go for maps that don’t need 100% of AF.
  2. Holding more than 150% of the required AF increases damage.
  3. Having more than 150% of the required AF takes 1 damage from monsters (including elites).
  4. If you are taking a fragile/weak class, choose a map with 150% of the AF you need.
  5. If you experiment with different maps, your character’s distance and distance will be different. Find the map that fits your character.

You can use Battle Analysis to track EXP and Meso rates to collect objective data on which map is best for you.

Disappearing travel

  • 30AF: Weathered Rage Land
  • 40AF: Fire Zone
  • 60AF: Under the cave

Chuchu Island

  • 100AF: Five Color Hill: Speckled Forest 1
  • 100AF: Sluffy Forest Depth

Rachel Lane

  • 210AF: Revelation 3
  • 210AF: Chicken Festival 1 (very popular with Kannas)
  • 210AF: Chicken Festival 2 & 3
  • 210AF: Occupied Dance Floor 1 (requires good vertical mobility/reach)


  • 320AF: between Frost and Thunder 2
  • 360AF: Cave lower passage
  • 360AF: Bottom path 1

Note: I haven’t crossed Arcana yet on my adventure. This means that everything below has not been personally verified. However, the following information is not a blind guess about the map name I thought. A list of maps created based on current and previous guild members’ help and community feedback.

If you decide to follow this part of the guide, it’s better to try Battle Analysis than the previous section and try out a wide range of locations to see if the designated maps are the best.

Morass is not generally considered an agricultural place. This includes mobs at a level similar to Arcana, but with a terrible training, platform arrangement and much higher AF requirements.

There are still notable places for those who creatively train without the help of Fury Totems or Kannas. Morass can also be an alternative at a desperate time, like a 2x EXP event full of all the maps of Arcana.

  • 440AF: Bully Blvd. 2
  • 480AF: Shadowdance Hall 4
  • 520AF: That day at Trueffet 3


  • 600AF: Mirrored Sea 2 (better MTS map)
  • 600AF: Mirrored Sea 3 (similar to MTS2, but generally higher combustion)
  • 600AF: Mirrored sea 6
  • 640AF: Radiant Temple 3 (another option for those without Fury Totem / Kanna)


  • 670AF: Last Horizon 2
  • 730AF: air gap current 4
  • 820AF: Abyssal Maze 1
  • 880AF: World’s End 1-4
  • 880AF: World’s End 1-5

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