Managing eDiscovery for modern collaboration

Traditionally, eDiscovery data sources were mainly limited to email and cloud storage. However, modern organizations require that the display of electronic documents be extended to communication and collaboration tools based on chat. This creates new challenges, such as the identification of persons of interest (custodians) and relevant content. With the exponential growth of the data, there is also a pressing need for increased visibility of the data in constant increase for review.

Today, we are pleased to share several new capabilities in Microsoft 365 to help you manage eDiscovery for Microsoft Teams and Yammer with greater visibility into the content of the case.

eDiscovery support for Teams

We are pleased to announce that the legal retention of messages from the Microsoft Teams private channel is now being implemented. Legal retention is critical to preserve all copies of messages and help prevent content manipulation and is vital for legal investigations. You can now apply legal retention to files and messages on private channels.

For more information about this capability and how to include private channels in your search, read Put a Microsoft Teams user or team in legal hold.

Also recently announced the general availability of the reconstruction of Microsoft Teams conversations. With our built-in conversation reconstruction solution, you can identify relevant chats through specific queries and include contextual messages in your collection. Individual messages are joined and presented in the review set. From this review set you can write down, label and write entire conversations or individual messages. This will help you efficiently review and export complete dialogs without having to perform multiple searches to understand the context around the messages.

The reconstruction of the conversation is available today. Learn more by reading Review Conversations in Advanced eDiscovery.

The Microsoft Teams conversation reconstruction groups individual messages and is presented in the review set.

eDiscovery support for Yammer [19659004] Yammer is a critical productivity application for collaboration and exchange between organizations. We are pleased to share that Yammer now supports eDiscovery for new networks and for existing clients in native mode. eDiscovery for Yammer is generally available today, and Advanced eDiscovery for Yammer is now available in public preview.

We plan to support additional capabilities such as rebuilding conversations in Advanced eDiscovery later this year. You can get more information about eDiscovery and advanced eDiscovery for Yammer in these frequently asked questions.

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eDiscovery locations now include Yammer.

Expanded visibility of the contents of the box

As the volume of data grows, the review process can be a challenge. We are pleased to provide a wider visibility of your advanced electronic discovery activities.

First, we publish tenant-level reports. Tenant-level reports provide a view that aggregates information about custodians, data sources, communications and cases. With this capability, you can filter your view based on several criteria and export the aggregate information for later analysis. These reports will help organizations better manage their overall electronic discovery process.

Another capability we are launching is a customizable panel, which allows you to view reports and electronic discovery data visually. You can also perform massive actions during the early assessment of the case, such as deleting data that does not respond. In addition, even before starting your review process, the panel can help you quickly analyze your content, identify trends or key statistics, and develop your review strategy. The dynamic panel is customizable so you can add, delete and configure widgets appropriate for your case and deepen your content through the images. Visually discover the data and take massive measures during the early evaluation of the case.

The advanced eDiscovery panel and tenant-level reports are being implemented and will be public previewed later this month. Learn more about the dashboard in this article and the tenant reports in this article.

Reduce risk and manage Microsoft 365 compliance

By providing native eDiscovery of the Microsoft 365 platform and by extending to include data outside of Office 365, Provide an efficient and effective way to help manage your litigation or investigations internal in place. These electronic discovery capabilities are only part of our broader compliance capabilities to help you manage risk and compliance.

We recently introduced native connectors to third-party systems to help you incorporate the correct data into your organization. The new records management solution allows you to easily integrate and manage complex retention schedules, declare items as immutable records and automate retention based on events. We also integrate trainable classifiers in Record Management to help classify your records. All these capabilities complement and expand your eDiscovery activities for more efficient and effective research.

Finally, to help you interpret the requirements and reduce the legal risk of data protection laws, we also recently announced several new assessments available in public preview of Microsoft Compliance Score, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act ( CCPA) and more. You can get more information about this in our recent blog.

Get started

Many of these compliance capabilities are available in Microsoft 365 E5, and learn more about how you can test them today by reading Try or buy a Microsoft 365 subscription

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