Man arrested for showing up at YouTube and threatening violence over deleted account

A man appeared last Sunday at Google 's Mountain View headquarters, threatening violence by believing that YouTube deleted his account and his single video. BuzzFeed News ] reported today.

Unfortunately for the man of 33-year-old Kyle Long, his wife actually deleted the account. She said Google might do so because of the fear that she might respond. In addition, Long ran in more than 3300 miles of Maine to carry out his mission.

Long's video was obviously some kind of rich quick guide. His father, Kevin Long, was described by his father as "out of mind" and "bizarre". Long has a history of mental illness and thinks his father is holding a stem due to a drunk driving accident in a teenage boy who has been acquainted with the police and has taken the lives of a close friend. Kevin Long, in an interview with BuzzFeed said, "He came up with this crazy idea to make everyone a millionaire." She must be stolen by Google or Facebook because she can not do stupid things.

He complained that he wanted a direct meeting. Customers have a common need in large technology companies and often require a strong security system. The problem is especially in companies that operate large platforms using large-scale algorithms, as well as those who feel that the complexity of algorithms and complex policies has made them personally unfavorable. Or contractors often do not notice Is not desirable because it can lead to automated decisions. But what makes this story particularly noticeable is that the second one, less than a year after someone actually appeared in the company (or in this case, the parent company's office)

Nasim Aghdam, 39, who lived in San Diego in April, moved to the headquarters of San Bluno in fact, causing a fire. Aghdam claimed that YouTube unfairly deciphered and censored unjust vegetarianism and animal rights videos

This incident had a great impact on the security of the Silicon Valley company, and especially YouTube, because of the shooting, YouTube has strengthened the security of its worldwide offices, but since then Has deepened the dispute between the platform and the creator. YouTubers , The copyright system, and other review and algorithmic recommendations that threaten the livelihoods of some people. We have not responded to requests for comment immediately.

Thankfully, Long did not bring guns to Google but brought three baseball bats and reported them to the police. The police later found him after he was arrested on campus. According to Mountain View police, who spoke with BuzFeed Long had a general threat of violence against unknown people if the meeting on his YouTube channel did not go as he wanted. Police had not kept an eye on Long after his cross-country trip was reported to law enforcement in his hometown, Waterville, Maine.

Kevin Long said his son was "bringing everything he wants back online." "Something's wrong."

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