Major airline Cathay Pacific says up to 9.4 million passengers had their data stolen

Cathay Pacific Airways, a major international airline, reported that 9.4 million passengers were stolen in March due to data breaches. All of your passport information, including your identification number, name, date of birth, and mailing address, may be damaged.

The violations also included details of each passenger's travel and customer service representative's comments. The amount of data accessed varies with passengers. Cathay also pointed out that 27 credit card numbers without CVV numbers were used because 403 expired credit card numbers were accessed. I have contacted the airline to ask if the CVV has contacted another credit card that has not expired.

On Wednesday's statement, the airline has no evidence of misuse of personal information. The affected IT systems are completely separate from the flight operating system and have no impact on flight safety. "

Cathay Pacific offers worldwide flights to and from Hong Kong, North America, Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Randy Abrams, chief security analyst at Webroot, an Internet security company, told The Verge in an email that "Cathay Pacific Airways Will have a much larger impact on passengers who have released a rich set of data, including 40 times more passports than Air Canada breaches. "

Cathay differs from others in that it is now public in six months since the violation occurred in March, and as the company enters Europe, There may be a violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations that require customers and law enforcement agencies to notify their customers within three days. "In addition to reputation costs, Cathay Pacific may suffer massive GDP damage over time. Abrams said,

The airline is in contact with local police in Hong Kong and other relevant agencies. Customers who are likely to be affected should visit or call or e-mail the company directly

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