MacBook Air vs. iPad Pro: what is Apple’s best new computer?

At yesterday's Apple event, I saw the company return to its best form. Apple has slowed its focus on the rugged MacBook Air and Mac mini, addressing the design disaster of charging Apple Pencil, introducing a more powerful and powerful iPad Pro. You do not have to be a professional analyst to predict Cupertino's bumper vacation sales.

Making the most powerful iPad and MacBook Air to date has given Apple a big headache for people like me. I am a member of the classical Intel Ultrabook Demographics with a light and constant computing requirement. You can not do 3D modeling or 4K video production on your laptop, but you do small things in online work, in a word processor, or in Adobe Lightroom. I've been using the MacBook Pro for two years, but it actually does not last long. Now Apple is able to extend the required battery life much longer with the high-quality display I want, but the choice has narrowed. The new MacBook Air and the new iPad Pro can be the ideal computer for you.

The new Air is the most familiar and predictable scenario. Its strengths are known to be known: long durability, densely packed, high quality construction and all the good things that make macOS attractive. For me, the latter makes my work flow smoother and faster with smaller utilities such as Alfred and flycatch. I tried to reproduce the same experience on Windows last year, but this experiment did not actually maintain the same level of quality and shine that Apple actually offers. Windows laptops were also not impressed by the battery life that MBP is burdened with. As a result, Apple has seen a significant opportunity by maintaining its promised 12-hour battery life through the MacBook Air 2018. [19659005] iPad Pro narrows the gap between Apple MacBooks every year.

On the other hand, iPad Pro is a more exciting and adventurous choice. I do not immediately know how everything will be translated into it. But it has grown to be a powerful and diverse tool to create new jobs and to think of new ways of doing things as my primary tool. Some of the benefits of bringing you to iPad Pro: a display with fast refresh rate and True Tone color adjustment, a new Apple Pencil 2 and LTE that is magnetically docked on the side of the tablet and charged wirelessly. 19659007] “/>

Adding LTE to the most used portable computers is a truly revolutionary upgrade. My colleague Dan Seifert wrote about this book earlier this year with Microsoft's Surface Pro LTE. He covered Apple's entire event this week with the device. When the venue's Wi-Fi network let him down, he did not even notice it because his computer was constantly changing to using a cellular connection.

Since Apple last upgraded its MacBook Air, efficiency has dropped significantly in that it allows you to open your computer from anywhere and start working without having to use your wireless network credentials or set up a mobile hotspot. In a meaningful way, I have seen a lot of work shift to smartphones. Laptops were deployed only when large screens and comfortable keyboards were needed. This is most likely due to the constant connection of your phone, the immediacy of everything you can do, and connectivity to all popular social and business communication apps. The number of times I have used my cell phone to catch myself in front of an open laptop on my lap is increasing. "style =" object-position: 50% 50% "data-upload-width =" 1920 "src =" iOS is the future, and iOS is the future. iOS is the future. iOS is the future, and iOS is the future. iOS is the future, and iOS is the future. macOS is the past and we are all in the middle. </q></aside>
<p id= At first, the iPad dismissed it as a "massive iPhone". However, in 2018, I began to ask if it was in the form of criticism or praise. The best applications today are being developed for the iPhone, and they have been developed for the iPad by extending iOS to a common platform. iOS is Apple's future operating system, and macOS is Apple's past operating system. As a writer, you can focus on iOS with a lot of apps like iA Writer. As a photographer I am glad that the actual Photoshop arrived on the iPad. As a casual gamer, I know that iOS offers far more entertainment options than macOS.

Here is the dichotomy. Do you want a familiar and dependable laptop that can do everything you've done for years? Or do you want a computer for the future to grow to me? Apple seems to have strategically devised this tension in its product portfolio. Limit the port on your mobile device (newer iPad Pro loses its headphone jack and the new USB-C port does not support external storage), refusing to offer the LTE, Face ID or touch screen option of the Mac line. The 11-inch iPad Pro can fit into bags and pouches that do not have access to the 13.3-inch MacBook Air, but Air is much more stable on the lap and offers a better typing experience. "style =" object-position: 50% 50% "data-upload-width =" 2040 "src =" thumbor / s41_evXuYW5FM6WkOr__5BPNgqw = / 0x0: 2040x1360 / 1200x0 / filters: focal (0x0: 2040x1360): no_upscale () /

Dan Seifert / The Pictures of Verge

These common features are appealing and the new device is Apple's typically deluxe price. With keyboard Folio, LTE, and the same storage upgrade, spend $ 1,599 for the 2018 MacBook Air with 512GB of storage and $ 1,498 for the 11-inch iPad Pro. They are the price of a MacBook Pro, but you can see a good reason for why you want to spend it on Apple's middle school mobile computer. I would like to use my MacBook Pro with one of the new ideas, AirBook, but the best idea right now is to take a deep breath and wait for the initial price premium.

It's no exaggeration to say that Apple's new product, however, has differentiated its features and functions in sufficient form to allow both iPad Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro to happily coexist on the shelf. Until this week, Apple was still shamelessly offering outdated computers, but now it has embarrassed various wealth.

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