Mac AutoBoot: Stop your MacBook from powering up when you open it

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Mac laptops manufactured in recent years have an annoying / convenient feature. Open one and turn on. MacBooks have woken up from sleep when you open the lid for years, but now they also start from the cold. Do you want to clean the keyboard without turning it on? Hard.

Or is it? If you want to stop this behavior, it's easy. That is how.

How to stop booting your Mac when you open it

  FFS, Apple. How to stop booting your Mac when you open it.
FFS, Apple.
Photo: Apple

This open start function is useful in most cases. After all, how often do you open the cover of your MacBook and don't want it turned on? And if wants to grab a cotton swab and a bottle of pure alcohol, and really go to town with the keyboard and touchpad, you can always turn it off and leave it open [19459034

Boot-on-open (also known as AutoBoot) is also useful for new MacBook users who cannot find the power key. In 2016 MacBook Pros and later, for example, the Touch ID button is the power button. Imagine buying your first Mac and having to search Google how to turn it on. He may laugh, but when I bought an iMac years ago, it took me too long to find the power button flush at the back. (Yes, I had to search on Google).

Disable AutoBoot

To disable AutoBoot, open the Mac Terminal and type / paste the following at the command line:

sudo nvram AutoBoot =% 00

Then enter your password (the sudo command is a temporary power escalation; use your password to grant the Terminal additional access for that command).

To reset your Mac to its default behavior, type the following: [19659014] sudo nvram AutoBoot =% 03

Re-enable the Mac start bell

A side effect of AutoBoot is that Disable the familiar Mac startup ring (additional tip: silence your Mac before restarting to silence the ring). AutoBoot deactivation activates the bell again.

But, what happens if the bell is lost, but also likes AutoBoot? No problem! Simply type the following into your terminal:

sudo nvram BootAudio =% 01

And to disable it:

sudo nvram BootAudio =% 00

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