Lyft is offering cheap rides to the grocery store in 15 more cities

Lyft offers discounted trips to the grocery store in 15 cities in the United States and Canada to people living in the food deserts. People who live in these areas have limited options for fresh produce and are often forced to choose between healthy and overpriced options and cheap and easy junk food. For people with low incomes, that is not an option.

Lyft allows local partners, including farmers markets and food banks, to decide who is eligible for the program, so the application process will vary by community. In general, you should probably locate yourself in a food desert and qualify to receive food stamps.

Lyft started testing the supermarket. Access program in DC last December. From January to June of this year, invited families who live in neighborhoods 7 and 8 of DC can make trips to and from the grocery store for $ 2.50. One woman, Latinique Cooper, who had access to the program told Lyft: "My children and I have made healthier choices. For example, instead of buying a lunch at a fast food restaurant, we bought ingredients for Hoagie sandwiches: baguettes, meats, cheeses, pickles. "

Following the success of the pilot, Lyft says The Verge ] that the program was expanded to Atlanta and will now extend to a total of 15 cities in addition to DC and Atlanta: Atlantic City, Baltimore, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix , Portland, Richmond and Toronto … A trip to the grocery store will cost on average $ 2.50 as a flat rate, but Lyft says that "prices may vary slightly according to the market."

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