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Lust of Mafia is a new mob-themed game for iOS and Android platforms where you can choose a new mob boss and launch your own realm in MMORTS style. You can build your base like a kingdom in other MMORTS games, enhance your resource collection, train your soldiers, and wage war against other players and computer controlled enemies.

One of the best ways to get free rewards for doing nothing is by using a redemption code provided by the developer. They are given in different ways for different reasons, but with our help you can find and use them all.

Read our code listings, how to use them, and how to find more codes in Lust of Mafia!

Sometimes this game randomly decides to stop working, in which case you have to delete the game and then reinstall it. So, after completing the tutorial, if you haven’t already made a purchase, you will need to purchase it to your account so that you can start over where you left off when you uninstall and reinstall the game.

When you’re done with the tutorial and you can tap anywhere you want, tap the Settings menu and find the area where you can enter your redemption code. Enter the code or copy and paste from another source like this article, then verify the code and you will receive a free gift pack immediately.

For a small game like this, the best place to start looking for code is in the review section of the download page of the App Store where you downloaded the game. Organize from newest to oldest, then scroll to find the latest working code. If you find code not posted here, please post your own review and add the code.

Another good place to check is Facebook, the official page of the game the developer runs. Go through all the posts and see if any code you missed before has been posted. Also subscribe to the page to see new codes appear in the news feed.

Even if you don’t have an official developer page for the game, check out the code on other social media networks like Twitter and Instagram. You can also find code posted by fans, but do not participate in surveys about the code. You can also check the Facebook groups where players are discussing the game to see if anyone has posted the code.

Go to this game’s Subreddit or Gacha Games Subreddit to find discussions about this game. In particular, look for discussions that contain code. Advertise your code in the thread title or find players requesting your code. If you have unpublished code, please share.

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Also look for streams and videos with game code. In particular, YouTube and Twitch are the best places to find videos and streams for games, so they’re most likely to contain code. Developers may sometimes use the streamer’s built-in audience to promote their game by giving out code only to streamers and YouTubers for promotional purposes.

Currently, there is no official redemption code for Lust of Mafia. However, that doesn’t mean the code won’t be released, it’s simply that it hasn’t been added to the game yet. We’ll keep checking the source, and as soon as we find code to share, we’ll post it in this article!

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