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Luna Storia RE is a new mobile game released by Runewaker Entertainment. Read about the new and working Luna Storia RE promo code 2021 Wiki.Luna Storia RE Promo Code

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We have the latest working new and activated Luna Storia RE promo code 2021 Wiki: June 2021 with the earliest coverage and regular updates. The following Luna Storia promo code wiki shows an updated list of the latest working codes. –

X3KAA7UEXW : Added promo code on June 9, 2021. Copy the following code. –


TW1D5ASBDF : Added promo code on June 9, 2021. Copy the following code. –


FBDX4HMGB3 : Added promo code on May 16, 2021. Copy the following code. –


Global Open : Added promo code on May 12, 2021. When you use this promo code, you will receive a Core Summon Ticket x10, SSR Summon Crystal Fragment x30, Ascension Stone Box (2 hours) x2 Copy this code:-


TVOPEN666 : Added promo code on April 14, 2021. Use this promo code to get X10 Summon Ticket, X600 Gems. Copy this code:-

  • X3KAA7UEXW : Use this promo code to get 1200 Gems, 5 Water SR Summon Crystals, and Owl Snack x30 (valid until June 30, 2021).
  • TW1D5ASBDF : Use This Promo Code And Get X Rewards
  • FBDX4HMGB3 : Use This Promo Code And Get X Rewards
  • Global Open : When you use this promo code, you will receive a Core Summon Ticket x10, SSR Summon Crystal Shard x30, Ascension Stone Box (2 Hours) x2
  • TVOPEN666 : Use This Code and Get X10 Summon Tickets, X600 Gems

Luna Storia RE codes are time-limited. This gift code expires in a few days, so be sure to use it as soon as possible and claim your reward to continue the game. We encourage you to visit this page regularly as we are keeping an eye on new valid codes for this game title.

To avoid gift code errors, make sure you have entered the redemption code into the game as shown in the list listed above, including special characters and case (upper and lower case).

Expired Code ⇓

As mentioned above, redemption codes only work for a specific period. I have shared all the expired codes below. You can try the expired code and see if it works. –


How to use promo code?

To redeem the Luna Storia RE promo code, you need to follow these simple steps: –

Stage 1.) Visit the Redeem Code Center created by the game developer Runewaker Entertainment.

Step 2.) You can see the list of games published by Runewaker Entertainment by visiting the link mentioned above. Look for “Lune Storia RE” in that list.

Step 3.) Enter your PID and promo code. You can find the PID in the game’s profile menu.

How to get a promo code?

More new Luna Storia RE codes will be posted on the game’s official social media handles: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the game’s official Discord. Typically, game developers post gift codes on special events such as game milestones, popular events, collaborations, and special events. We will update this list of gift codes with all new redemption codes available. You can bookmark this page and check for new code regularly.

So this is all included in this post on Luna Storia RE Promo Code 2021 Wiki. We will update this page to share as new promo codes are released. You can also check for code updates on the game’s FB page. Bookmark this page and check back now for new promo codes.

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Luna Storia RE Game Description:-

Luna Storia RE is a turn-based strategy role-playing game. Using unique attack patterns and skills for each hero, you need to plan and optimize your attacks to maximize damage to your opponents.

Turn-based strategy role-playing game
super cute hero
Satisfying combo system
Competitive Guild System
Enhanced Hero Enhancements
Multiple dungeon mode
offline mode

core gameplay

Deploy your heroes to maximize your attacks or defend your opponents!

Three classes: Guardian, Conqueror, Supporter. Each has a specialized role.
Five elements: fire, water, earth, light and darkness. unique strengths and weaknesses.
Ultimate Skills: Each hero has a unique Ultimate Skill that can change the flow of battle.
Talent: A professional skill that can give you an advantage.
Combo: Coordinates attacks to deal the most damage.
Terrain: Gain bonuses around you.

Do you want to relax? Auto mode allows the hero to fight for you! Give orders when the battle intensifies.

A new offline mode means you can collect resources even without playing the game. Log back in, collect rewards and upgrade your heroes.
Dive into Luna Storia RE with Nana!

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