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Lucky Day Blackjack Royale is a new blackjack tournament game for the iOS and Android platforms where you compete against other players to see who plays the most, wins the most, wins gold, and even wins money in real life. In addition to blackjack, there are also scratcher and slot mini-games to further increase your winnings.

The game claims to make money in real life, and if you read reviews on the App Store, enough players have monetized it to believe that this game lives up to its claims. If you want to be one of the winners, there are various steps you can take.

Read on for some tips on how to win real money in Lucky Day Blackjack Royale!

Your number one priority in this game is to play as much as possible. The more you play and the more card packs you use, the higher your winnings. As a basic reward, you can get both experience and gold coins.

Because this is a tournament game, you are ranked against many other players, and where you end up in the rankings determines how much prize money, gold coins and other prizes you can win. The amount you play and your odds of winning will affect this.

As long as you actually win the blackjack game itself, every game you play will be against a computer, which tends to be extremely aggressive. A common myth when playing blackjack in real life is to stop at 16 or higher. In this game, stop at 14 or higher instead of how aggressive your computer is.

If you have a hand worth 20 with only the first two cards, you can split the hand and halves to test your luck with two hands against your opponent with one hand. If one of these split hands is again worth 20 with two cards, it can be split again. The more you split and the more you win, the more coins you earn.

In addition to winning prizes with tournament brackets, the game also has numerous sweepstakes that occur once per day. Otherwise, the person with the lucky card is the winner. You can always check who wins by rechecking the game at least once a day. Perhaps you will be the next winner.

Play Scratcher as often as possible and watch commercials for as many additional scratcher cards as possible. You tend to have a low win rate with a scratcher, but you can sometimes win around a dollar or so, and each time you win real money you add a little more to your total. You can also double your winnings by watching another ad video along with all your winnings.

You can cash out when you reach a minimum of $21. In this game, it is very slow to make money, but fast money games tend to be scam games that stop the earnings counter just before reaching the cash out point. If you keep playing with patience, you can eventually get there and monetize your earnings.

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