Lowe’s is shutting down its Iris smart home platform at the end of March

Roy decided that the smart home platform of Iris would not really get away from the move, which would look obvious in the face of it. Instead, the Home Improvement Retailer will discontinue service on March 31, 2019 and kindly encourage all Iris users to refrain from returning any products that are no longer functioning to the low store. However, the company says its website will return money in the form of a prepaid Visa card that will help you move to another smart home platform.

Lowe & # 39; s calls this a "relief" process. It 's not a refund, so it' s not clear how much money you owe, how to use it, whether you have a string on your Visa prepaid card or you should spend on Lowe 's. The company says that the redemption amount may exceed the amount that would be gained when the product was returned from a qualifying refund window, that is, when it is comforted, and some Reddit users report it. If you purchased iris products in the last 90 days, Lowe & # 39; s says you can proceed with standard refunds.

or Lowe 's Iris compatible products are compatible with Samsung' s SmartThings platform, and SmartThings explicitly agrees to help with the conversion process. Other Iris products use standard protocols such as Zigbee and Z-Wave. Android Police means it should work on other platforms than SmartThings if you do not feel like trying to get your money back.

It is very unfortunate to sell an entire product line to a customer that will abruptly stop working because the company stops improper operations and forces bricks, rather than losing apps or backend support. Cloud services. Smart home still remains the erroneous web of competitive ecosystems and wireless protocols. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Samsung and other companies have made this task easier by building an interoperable platform built on top of all devices like Alexa and SmartThings, but most of the standard consumers still remain in a stiffly fragmented market There is. At least when the iris disappears, there is one less compatibility issue that the user has to deal with.

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