Logan Paul’s new movie is the zombified husk of a YA dystopian thriller

In 2016, YouTube announced a future story, like the original original movie [The Thinning] . The comic by Logan Paul (19459003) was almost forgotten almost immediately. Nonetheless, YouTube has started producing sequels next year. But in January, Paul filmed the bodies of suicide victims in Japan's Aokigahara forest, raising international disputes and keeping the project "indefinitely". Thinning a popular film released at the end of Hunger Games- promoted the YA dystopia gold rush.

Last week Paul realized that the sequel trailer YouTube movie was back. After 12 hours The Thinning: New World Order was featured on the YouTube Premium. The New World Order is a bizarre political thriller, painted number dystopia, and a boxing match in the Logan Pole comeback tour vehicle, which is driven by the premise that filmmakers seem to be cumbersome and confused.

Thinning and Thinning:

The Thinning

series will surely reduce the population every year by 5% in the near future. In a truly capable way, the United States does this by conducting annual K-12 tests and performing worst performers. (We need to fire 19659009 of school-sized children to achieve the goal with the actual population and kill the increasing rate each year, but it is portrayed as a fate.) In the first movie, Blake Reddington (Logan Paul) Is the son of a Texas governor who did not intentionally take the test as a demonstration, and his dad exchanges his score with his classmate Laina Michaels (Peyton List). Blake embarked on a mission to rescue Laina from the death penalty and ultimately sacrifices it as a "sacrifice."

Thinning In the film, it turns out that students are not actually being executed. Instead, they are dragged underground by Assuru Global, a general evil technology company, to create electronics and call them "Made in USA." Because the real existence of the factory is a secret, it is almost certain that the company will outsource manufacturing and lie. But this twist establishes two of the key themes of the New World Order : a conspiracy based on the logic of meaninglessly complex political conspiracy and convincing convenient dreams.

The New World Order is divided over two loosely related arcs. One promised Laina to steal victims' siblings from the country, breaking into Reddington's presidential campaign in place of the sinking resistance movement. She was assisted by ex-colleague Kellan Woods (Calum Worthy), an enthusiastic cub reporter who is trying to prove that there is a secret factory. (Citizens may be reluctant to systematically kill millions of children in the years ahead, but companies that use forced labor are considered paranoid conspiracy theories.)

Meanwhile, Blake and his fellow businessmen woke up again after being proved moot . . They say that the "patent algorithm" can grow as "a member of a productive working class in our society's parasitic leech" because they have chosen them for special reform. The command of New World Silver is unreasonable enough to meet the prerequisites of the series. It is ridiculous, funny, and almost ending immediately.

Soon Blake appears to be the resident Bully Cage (Charles Melton), a member of the "worthy" capo class, somehow selected through the cage matching brawls, an integral part of the teens exploitation plant concentration system. The only reason is that Logan Paul trained for his boxing match with his YouTube rival KSI this summer in 2018 and can not show off his torn body on the electronics assembly line. If filmmakers were to exert their strengths, Prime Minister Blair would have shown a decisive attitude toward physical and mental trauma. This includes frustrated romance and terrible wounds. Paul's YouTube personality is based on the ability to describe the bottom of constant passion and sorrow as a "weapon of concern."

New World Order apparently "tries to inject relevance," but the story of children being held in camps at the command of the US government, isolated from their parents by forcibly isolated from their parents, It would have become a cliché that it was only a tragedy in the real world. Compared to the predecessor, the problem of the government child murder policy is being argued somewhat less strongly that equalityist murder is inadequate . It is no longer the metaphor of the SAT or the beat repetition of YA science fiction.

This is mainly because the movie is indifferent to its own subject. Logan Paul, a non-member of Logang, can not judge how interesting it is to be jerked, walk around depressed warehouses, or participate in a sequential series of dreaming PG-rated dream sequences. I can Can not you ask why you would add this fan service with such a mind that you end up with a spurious equivalent nonsensical cliffhanger by a trailer of the film and have a pointlessly insignificant plot. There is no reason for The Thinning: New World Order to exist, but surely we will have a sequel.

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