Little Printer returns as an open-source messaging device

Berg's Little Printer is a lovely internet connection box that prints small Internet articles, Instagram photos and to-do lists, and stops working when the studio and server shut down in 2014. Now, as reported by design consulting firm Nord Projects Core77

we have added the ability to send it back to life with new applications and send messages between devices.

A group of small printer enthusiasts from GitHub will bring their devices back online via an open source server called Sirius. Then Nord Projects designed a small printer iOS application that rewrites old favorites features such as poster fonts and dithergrams and adds a little more modern touch. With this app, you can print photos and notes via the iOS share sheet, and with its own API, you can connect to the IFTTT service to print the contents of your RSS feed.

little printer returns as an open source messaging device

Image: Nord Projects

You can easily make messaging in the Settings application. Creating a username and device key is a unique URL that allows you to give and receive access to the printer, such as a phone number. You can create as many keys as you like, and you can revoke access at any time if you find someone else's way. The device key can be printed in QR code so that visitors can easily add the printer.

Same as sending the actual text to someone. (Yes, I know this is a letter that the USPS is not at risk of losing your precious mail. If you say someone who is not sure which friend received a Christmas postcard, I do not trust the system. Send a nice message that does not get beneath your tweets or any other notifications. Actually because it is real!


All of this I would like to find a used little printer, but unfortunately I did not see anything when searching on eBay. This time, you can continue to use this guide to import printers from a new server and run them again.

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